2010 NFL Schedule Released and How the NFL Schedule is Made

2010 NFL Schedule Explained

The 2010 NFL schedule was released on Tuesday night, and the September 9th, Thursday NFL season opener features a rematch of the 2009-2010 NFC Championship game as Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints will play host to the Minnesota Vikings. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed the big game that kicks off the 2010 NFL schedule via an online chat on NFL.com. You can find the 2010 NFL schedule for all 32 NFL teams by clicking here.

How the 2010 NFL Schedule Was Made

The 2010 NFL schedule is decided for each team based on several requirements. Among the sixteen games in the 2010 NFL schedule, a team plays a total of six games (one each home and away) against the three divisional foes. Those are match-ups are known as divisional round games. From there, four other games (two home, two away) are played against teams from another division, by rotation, from the opposite conference. Those are known as inter-conference rotation games.

Four other games (two home, two away) are versus teams from another division, by a rotation, within a team's conference. Those are called intra-conference rotation games. Lastly, two games (one home, one away) are played against teams with the same standing from the two remaining divisions within a teams conference. Those are standing-based match-ups. All of this is somewhat complicated, but this is how the 2010 NFL schedule, and every other year of NFL schedules, is formatted.

Additional Links to Information on the 2010 NFL Schedules

Have more questions about the 2010 NFL schedules? Click here to go NFL.com's page for the 2010 NFL schedule. Click here to go to ESPN.com's coverage of the 2010 NFL schedules.



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