4 Vitamins and Supplements Men Should Take for the Best Health

There are good reasons why men don't live forever. That's because "immortality is overrated," says absolutely no man.

The main reason for a decline in a man's health has a lot to do with eating. Foods that are high in nutrients are not always promoted in our society, while fast food with little nutritional value is given much attention. The human body needs these nutrients to grow, build, and function right. If foods with vital nutrients are not accessible or available, men need to take vitamins and supplements to maintain their health.

There are some vitamins and supplements that men should be taking regularly, because it is hard to get all of the right nutrients in our typical diets. Most men work, and eat food that is conveniently located near the workplace. The places to get a timely lunch generally do not provide the necessary fruits and vegetables that a man should consume. Therefore, it is time to consider taking vitamins and supplements to help keep the body in optimum health.

So what vitamins and supplements should men be taking?

The 4 Vitamins and Supplements That Men Should Be Taking:

A Multivitamin - Most men do not eat their daily recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables, yet overconsume on proteins (such as red meat). Here's another great reason to take a multivitamin: The Journal of the American Medical Association (Oct. 17th, 2012 issue) found that men who take multivitamins every day for several years may lower their risk of cancer.

The Dr. Oz website recommends when shopping for a multivitamin to "look for 100% of the 12 essential vitamins and minerals."

Multivitaminguide.org provides an "effectiveness score guide " for 101 different multivitamins for men. It's worth checking out.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D is very important for the prevention of diseases, absorbing calcium, and repairing bone in the body. Men's Journal online magazine recommends at least 1,000 IU a day.

Dr. James Dowd, author of the book, The Vitamin D Cure, recommends D3,(which requires a Physician's authorization) and can be ordered from Vital Nutrient's website.

Fish Oil - Fish oil is good to take if a person is not eating enough fish, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very important for preventing heart disease and improving brain health, and work as an anti-inflammatory. Nutritionists suggest looking for a brand that contain both EPA and DPA in them, and recommend one to two grams a day.

A Probiotic - Probiotics can help improve gastrointestinal health, skin problems, and the immune system. After taking antibiotics, the body is left with an imbalance of bacteria that needs to be restored. High-quality probiotics offer products that carry the good organisms (i.e. Lactobacterium and Bifidobacterium ) through the stomach's acid and end up in the intestines safely to repopulate. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics , is one trusted brand that has won the "Best Supplement Award" by Better Nutrition Magazine for five years straight.


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