5 New iPad 3 Features that Make the iPad and iPad 2 Seem Better

When I sold my first gen iPad and purchased the iPad 2, I couldn't help but wonder, "Did I really need this upgrade?" Now that the New iPad is out, not only do I wonder if it's a worthy upgrade, but in some cases its predecessors are actually better.

Form Factor

One of the biggest selling points for the iPad 2 was it's sleeker and more lightweight frame - which, in comparison, made the original Apple tablet appear bulky. While I'm sure that there's a limit to how thin a tablet can get, due to the 4G compatibility and new battery, the New iPad is actually more bulky and heavier than the tablet Apple released last year. At 1.44lbs, Apple's latest tablet is closer to its original "bulky" tablet at 1.5 lbs instead of the iPad 2 at only 1.33 lbs.


A bulky and heavier frame aren't the only compromises that had to be made for 4G technology and a larger battery - and lots of New iPad owners are complaining about overheating issues with their beloved gadget. The first Apple tablet installments could get a bit warm at times, but nothing compared to the 116 degrees of the New iPad, as reported by Consumer Reports.

Magnetic Sensor Compatibility

The magnetic Smart Covers were the biggest craze and best-selling accessory for the iPad 2, and while the New iPad has its own Smart Covers, if you're making an upgrade from last year's tablet, you won't be able to use your old Smart Cover on your new device. The New iPad has been designed in a way that makes last year's Smart Cover incompatible in what lots of Apple fans are claiming to be a plight to pry more money out of their pockets.

4G Sucks Up Data

After three installments, Apple finally saw it fitting to add 4G mobile broadband connectivity to their beloved tablets, but there's a catch; 4G access on the New iPad is a data hog that makes going over your data limit more likely. The superfast speeds of 4G technology comes at the expense of inefficient data use, as reported by todayiphone.com, and might make lots of users wanting to go back to 3G and Wi-Fi only.

Lack of Exclusive Apps

Most of the upgrades for the New iPad are hardware related, but as with all tablets; software wins over hardware. As with the iPad 2, the New iPad has a paltry offering of exclusive apps - and pretty much shares the same apps that can be found on the original Apple tablet. If the New iPad pretty much runs the same apps as the original, why consider hocking your first generation for the latest installment.

Published by Milton Brafado

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  • Shahriar Tanvir 7/3/2012

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  • Sofia Su 4/23/2012

    I buy Onda, Ainol, Teclast brand tablet PC from China before, the quality is good. Ainol is new brand, Onda and Teclast sell MP3 and MP4 before.

  • Honora James 4/10/2012

    Buyer's remorse...too bad.

  • John De Pablos 4/1/2012

    Wow, you have some misinformation in your article. For instance, the Apple branded smart covers (old and new) work just fine with the new iPad. It is only 3rd party magnets that have a problem. Not sure how that is a plight by Apple to pry more money out of people?

  • Harriet Steinberg 3/23/2012

    Thanks for the information.

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