5 Unique Ways to Hold a Video Game Marathon

After an Australian man played the new Call of Duty game for a staggering 135 hours, the idea of a video game marathon has really picked up. While you may not have that much amount of time to dedicate to games, there are plenty of gaming marathons you can host on your own. Complete these with friends and family to have even more fun while you play.

Bubble Bobble Marathon

The puzzle action game Bubble Bobble may feel like it never ends, but the 100 plus levels never get boring as you shoot bubbles and burst enemies with ease. Playing the classic console game is easy thanks to updates on systems like the Xbox 360 and Wii.

The only way to truly beat the game is with two players, two bring a friend and let the bubble blowing begin. Once you complete the first sets of levels, Super Bubble Bobble will open up and allow you to play the levels with more challenges. Continue the marathon with the sequels and remake known as Bubble Bobble Plus.

The 1,000,000 Pin Challenge

Scoring strikes on Wii Sports Bowling is pretty simple, but how long will it take you to reach 1,000,000 pins total?! In a marathon that tests physical strength and endurance, see how long it takes you or multiple players to reach 1,000,000 pins. Add 1,000 pins for any perfect games and remember to wear the wrist strap so your fatigue doesn't send the remote flying.

The Scribblenauts Word Challenge

The Nintendo DS Scribblenauts series features a dictionary full of over 20,000 words that can be transformed into playable objects. Your goal in this challenge is to try and find at least 10,000 different objects that can be used in the game. Keep a notepad handy and hopefully a friend has the same game so you can whittle down the list together.

The Super Mario Marathon

Relive the countless times that Mario has saved the Princess in a Super Mario Marathon. Purchase the Super Mario All-Stars game for the Wii to play through Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario II: The Lost Levels, and then play the New Super Mario Bros. Wii to complete the collection. By the end of it all you'll be hearing those Mario songs over and over in your head even if it's dead silent.

WWE Wrestlemania Marathon

The greatest sports entertainment spectacle of all-time is Wrestlemania. For nearly 30 years, the event has given wrestling fans some of the best matches of all time. In WWE '13, you have the ability to create every single Wrestlemania match and play them all back to back.

To set it up, you should use the "Create-An-Arena" feature to make a basic Wrestlemania arena for the classics. Newer Wrestlemania areanas can be unlocked within the game modes. Next, use the "Create a Superstar" mode to make some of the lesser known stars not in the game. The WWE Axxcess section will let you download community created Superstars to save time.

Follow each Wrestlemania PPV match by match to relive some of the greatest moments and create new endings as you please. As you get to the newer Wrestlemania events, it will be easier to select the wrestlers and complete different types of matches.

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