Anna Nicole Smith: the Saga Continues for Paternity

With Anna Nicole Smith finally resting in peace next to her son, the battle over her surviving daughter continues. Debra Opri, the lawyer for Larry Birkhead, has asked a California judge to order Howard K. Stern to come to the state and submit his DNA for testing.

According to reports, Debra Opri asked the judge after a closed hearing for him to order the longtime companion of Anna to submit to a DNA test since he is listed as the father on the child's birth certificate.

Howard K. Stern was living with Smith and had recently held a commitment ceremony before her tragic death at age 39 on February 8, 2007.

Outside the courtroom, Opri blasted out: "Put up or shut up, that's what we're asking for."

Although the paternity of Dannielynn can only be determined by a Bahama court, Debra Opri said that the reason she is asking for a California court to get involved is so that if a paternity ruling is handed down, it will only strengthen her case in the Bahamas.

According to Debra Opri: "Without it, we have a weak argument."

But don't think that Howard K. Stern is just sitting back and letting this all unfold. His lawyer, Ron Rale, was also present for the closed hearing and defended Howard - especially after Debra Opri asked for the DNA order against him.

Ron Rale explained to the reporters: "Howard K. Stern doesn't have to go to Larry Birkhead for anything."

Also present at the hearing was Larry Birkhead, who is confident that he will be declared the father of the child. He is so confident, he is even getting ready for Dannielynn's arrival.

"I've been putting a nursery together so I'm smiling. I'm in a good mood."

One of the best moments that Larry Birkhead was able to experience was meeting Dannielynn shortly after the death of her mother. According to Larry Birkhead, "That was my delivery room just to get to meet her."

Surprisingly, the meeting was arranged by Howard K. Stern and took place at the former residence of Anna Nicole Smith in the Bahamas.

Even with all of the media attention on this story, there is one thing that people still don't understand - and that is why Debra Opri and Larry Birkhead is going after the DNA of Howard K. Stern when it is the DNA of Dannielynn (Anna Nicole Smith's daughter) that she really needs.

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