Babies: Top 10 Hilariously Funny YouTube Videos

Oodles of Funny Faces, Laughing Babies, and Desperate Dads

This is a countdown of my absolute favorite, terrifically funny baby videos from YouTube. If you need some laugh therapy, relax, read my tips, and watch the clips. Since this is a countdown, these get better and better as you progress toward #1. If you're pressed for time, go right to #1, or if you have more time, watch the top 4. Plenty of time? Watch them all, starting with #10; they're each short and sweet, so it won't take you long to enjoy the full set.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #10: The Pickle Kid
Try this one at home. Recipe: One pickle. One baby. One highchair. Instructions: Seat the baby in the highchair. Place the pickle in the baby's hand and wait for the reaction. This YouTube video lasts only a brief 8 seconds, but everything you need to know is packed right in. Watch it a couple of times to fully appreciate it. Enjoy Funny YouTube Baby Video #10.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #9: Baby's First Solid Food
"Oh, good grief, what is this horrid stuff?!" That's what this baby's face seems to express as she tastes her first solid food, a delicious mouthful of...mashed sweet potatoes. I know some people love sweet potatoes, but the food has never been on my list of Thanksgiving favorites, so I can relate to this ailing kiddo. But wait - Dad comes to the rescue with his sing-song voice, and things just might have a happy ending. You'll just have to find out in Funny YouTube Baby Video #9.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #8: A Chortling Star Wars Fan
Okay, I admit I didn't realize the parents in this YouTube video were joking about Star Wars until the very end, when they mention Luke Skywalker. But you don't even have to get that part of the joke to enjoy the infectious laughter of their baby. And you do have to admit that the mom does sound pretty funny talking into a glass. I'd laugh too. Enjoy Funny YouTube Baby Video #8.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #7: Baby Hates Ice Cream
Okay, definitely no more ice cream for this little guy. Not only did he not like it, but there were other, well...ramifications. I won't spoil the surprise for you. Just check out Funny YouTube Baby Video #7.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #6: Baby or Bulldog?
Was this little fellow a bulldog in a past life? Does he just like to make that face? Is his food too spicy? It's a mystery. What's clear is that this little guy's YouTube video is very funny. Enjoy Funny YouTube Baby Video #6.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #5: Texas Baby Eating a Lime
There's a super cute baby in this YouTube video. It looks like this is his first curious taste of lime. And the rest of the kids in the family are quite excited about it as well. But the resulting pucker is a tight one. Enjoy his crazy face as you watch Funny YouTube Baby Video #5.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #4: Pucker Up, Kiddo
Either this baby has been sucking on a lemon, or she's missing her dentures. You decide. She keeps making her signature funny face as she eats her baby food, and it's undeniably hilarious. Enjoy Funny YouTube Baby Video #4.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #3: Bubba's Funny Face
And you thought it was just your dog leaving those lick marks on the sliding glass door... This YouTube clip, taken from baby Bubba's 1975 archives, reveals his special relationship with the patio door. We wonder - is he in therapy today? Get ready to laugh as you watch Funny YouTube Baby Video #3.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #2: Baby Yoda
Omigod. It's Yoda. In all his wisdom. No seriously, you know how some babies look like wise old men? You have got to see this one. I am still laughing. Enjoy Funny YouTube Baby Video #2.

Funny YouTube Baby Video #1: Dads Do Diapers
It was easy to rank this YouTube video in the #1 position, as it's an absolute gut-buster. Watch these dads as they attempt to take on the epic battle of...the diaper change. Wimps - every one of them! Anyone you forward this to will laugh uproariously at this YouTube video, male or female. I've watched the video over and over, and I still laugh out loud every time. So recline in your chair and relish Funny YouTube Baby Video #1.

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