Bacolod Sex Scandals

In This Quaint Town, Sex Scandals Are That--scandalous

Sex scandals are everywhere. Even politicians, government officials, and celebrities all over the world are not exempt. There is a certain mystery about video taping one's self during the intimate act and this is all the more made convenient because technology is within reach. Whereas in the past, one has to have a video camera, at present, a cell phone camera will already do wonders to capture those glorious moments.

Some young people in my city (Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines) were not exempt in the wave of sex scandals that have hit the internet and circulated through MMS. This is really sad. Actually, Bacolod was once a quaint little city in southern Philippines. It was said before that practically everybody knew everybody, and when someone broke up with her boyfriend everybody knows. And when she gets on dating somebody else, the entire city will know. It seems that somehow, one is connected with another by affinity or sanguinity.

Anyway, many sex scandals have rocked this cloistered society. One really celebrated one involved the son of a prominent family with his girlfriend. They taped themselves while enjoying each other, but somehow the camera got broken and they had it repaired. Sadly, the repairman allegedly circulated their homemade steamy video. Then there was that infamous beauty queen captured on cell phone camera in compromising positions with her boyfriend. They even held a press conference to ask the people to stop circulating their photos. Of course, this just roused more people's curiosity and so the photos circulated some more.

While the rest of the people wanted to get a copy, some out of curiosity, others with judgments already in their heads, the people who are hurt the most in these situations are the families of those involved, especially the parents. Filipinos are very concerned about relationships and family, and what happens to kids almost always reflects to the parents. And when their children, even if they are already grown ups, are involved in these scandals, the families are more often than not subjected to humiliation.

It takes a large amount of guts to survive the embarassment brought about these sex scandals. But even if the news dies down (after probably a year), people have already saved a copy in their computers, and the event will forever be etched in the family's trauma-laden conscience.

One food for thought, if you are doing something that is supposed to be done in private, please don't create evidence about it.

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