Beautiful Sexy Wife Seduces Hot Teen Male Virgin, Part 6

Recap: Alexa schemes to sleep with one of the two hot teen male virgins she has brought into her home on the storm-driven night of her 32nd birthday while her husband is absent. Several years of a childless marriage have made her desperate for a child.

After feeding the teen males, Alexa sent one of them, Will, off to his room and made a pass at his reluctant best buddy, Jud Carlsen. Gorgeous, voluptuous, sexy, and determined to have him, Alexa brought the hot teen male to her mercy. In the living room, lit only by firelight, with her hand on Jud's knee, she leaned toward him, looked into his eyes, and said, "Kiss me." Moving closer, she slid a hand onto his inner thigh.

Feeling the heat of her hand, Jud leaned toward Alexa and put his mouth near hers.

Alexa closed her eyes. When she at last felt his lips brush hers, she opened her eyes. With a smile, she said, "You naughty boy. That's not a kiss."

Jud swallowed.

Alexa took his hands. With a glance at his long hard sexuality, she whispered, "No one will ever know." She looked into his eyes and savored the lust shining in them. She mouthed, "Let down my hair."

Jud breathed a deep breath. Then, he uncrossed his legs and knelt, leaning back on his haunches, in front of Alexa. She looked at his muscled thighs and laid her hands on them. Jud reached behind her with both hands and touched her hair clasp. As his fingers struggled with the unclasping, his breath fell on her cheek. Alexa reached behind her head with both hands and guided Jud's fingers. As she did so, the neckline of her gown spread apart and deepened. Jud glanced down at her firm, full breasts, nearly bared to the nipples. The hair clasp opened and dropped from his fingers. Overwhelmed with desire, he ran his hands through Alexa's long black tresses. Then he pulled his hands away.

Alexa grabbed his wrists and guided his hands to her breasts. Jud gently caressed her. Alexa pressed her breasts against his touch. She put her hands on his hips and slid them up to his broad chest to linger there. Then, she wrapped her arms about his neck. Jud wrapped his arms around her. Pressing her firm breasts against his hard chest, Alexa felt the pounding of his heart. Their faces nearly touching, she took a deep breath and deftly placed her mouth on his.

She sank into the sweet, sensuous oblivion of his lips. Then, she felt him kiss her back with full passion. As a thrill ran through her gut, she sank into an erotic cloud that enveloped her entire body. With a vague recollection of her husband, the only man she had ever slept with or even kissed, she felt the tantalizing thrill of the forbidden.

Tonight, on her birthday, she had expected her husband to make love to her on their bed, king-size and luxurious. Now, she intended to make love to another man on a woven rug barely distinct from the cold, hard stone. She became aware of a moving shadow somewhere nearby.

From the top of the dark landing, Will turned away. Seeing Jud and Alexa in their embrace, he quietly returned to his room, without going downstairs for a glass of milk.

Inside her bedroom, Alexa's mother-in-law, Phoebe, heard the door close to the guestroom near hers. She wondered who was in the house. She put on her slippers, left her room, walked down the hall to the top of the stairs, and paused at the railing just outside the guestroom. But it held no interest for her as she stared disbelievingly at the figures gilded by golden firelight gleam down below. Alexa was kissing a man.

Phoebe squinted. Her eyesight was poor. But she knew that the physique belonged to someone other than David- her son had not made it home to his wife tonight. The two figures were as a frontispiece, the frontal area in shadow, the edges around their figures were rimmed by light that gradated into indistinct light until disappearing into shadow. Phoebe turned to go back to her room.

Alexa thought she heard a sound. Feeling uneasy, she pulled away from Jud. She stood up and held out her hand. Jud stood up with her; he took her hand. He too had heard a sound.

Alexa led him to the master bedroom. The fire she had lit while her guests had dined now blazed brightly and warmly. Jud stared at the bed with unease. Alexa caught his look and said, "Let this happen, Jud. You haven't taken a vow of celibacy yet."

Jud thought about his quest for enlightenment and his desire for monastic life. He had been dreaming about this goal since he was ten years old. And now, barely into adulthood, he could not stop the tidal waves of erotica that were engulfing him as oceanic tidal waves had once engulfed and sunk Atlantis. His last vestige of resistance was drowning even as he considered it.

Alexa gently nudged Jud. He sat down on the edge of the bed. She said, "Relax. You're older than I was when my-." She broke off. To a young man who was already skittish, the mere mention of a husband might send him running. Instead, she said, "I lost my virginity when I was fifteen. Now lie back, Dear Boy."

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