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Free Software Downloads and Reviews? Let's Check it Out

Have you ever wondered if there's a safe location on the Internet to download free software? With, your dreams will become true; for the most part that is. The entire website is devoted to distributing free software of all types, even trial versions of your favorite image editing software is available on

If you're a computer wiz, then surely at least once in your Star Trek loving life you've needed free anti-spyware programs. Fact is, has that also, and more. However, can stand up to other freeware websites, and are all of these downloads really that safe? Finally, is the website user-friendly enough for anyone to take a peek? Let's take a look.


In terms of website layout and design, is pretty professional. Thing is, with a company such as CBS Interactive Inc. backing this website, what would you expect other then professionalism. Every download on the site is very easy to find, and the entire list of top downloads are posted directly on the front page of so users don't have to look too far for programs like WinRar.


Obviously the main feature of is to supply users from around the world with freeware and trial programs of all different types. Users can even find full independent PC games, and demos from just about every modern PC game you could think of. Did we mention not only caters to Windows users, but Mobile and Mac users as well?

Some other noticeable features of are their reviews, which is basically on another site but both and are on the same network. Most of the reviews are pretty well written with the exception of a few, and products are also user rated.


To be honest, is a wonderful site that needs no improvement. No matter what time of the day, or the time of year, is up, running, and willing to provide you with great free downloads. Additionally, every single file on is tested to make sure it's safe and free of viruses. Overall, gets a nine out of ten, for being very close to perfect.

Final Score

9 Out of 10. (10 Being Perfect. 1 Being Worst.)

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