Companies with Anti-Gay Policies

I'm a big believer in voting with our dollars. Many businesses do more than just provide a product or service. Some donate money to political candidates or to various causes; for instance, A-1 Self Storage, a California-based company, recently donated a great deal of money to the campaign to make gay marriage illegal in California. Companies also provide a working environment for their employees, and this may be a welcoming, inclusive environment, or it may be an environment in which gay employees experience discrimination or must fear for their jobs. Companies may offer health insurance benefits to same-sex couples or they may reserve those benefits for heterosexual couples only. The choices made by companies affect not only their customers and employees, but society as a whole.

As employees, as consumers and customers, we get a say. We vote with our dollars. We can choose to support companies that support equality for all people and let those that do not support equality know that we will not be giving them our money.

Keep in mind that while federal law prohibits discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race, religion, age and disability, federal law does not protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination. In some isolated areas of the country, state or local laws offer some protection. In most places, however, companies can fire gay employees just because of their sexual orientation, or their perceived sexual orientation; companies can have written policies like that of Cracker Barrel, which states that, "It is inconsistent with our concept and values, and is perceived to be inconsistent with those of our customer base, to continue to employ individuals in our operating units whose sexual preferences fail to demonstrate normal heterosexual values." We can use our buying power, though, to encourage companies to treat all employees fairly even if not required by federal law.

List of Companies with Anti-Gay Policies:

A-1 Self Storage
Auto Zone
Babies R Us
Boy Scouts
Celestial Seasonings
Cracker Barrel
Domino's Pizza
Exxon Mobil
Gold's Gym
John Deere
Radio Shack
Salvation Army
Sam's Club
Toys R Us
Urban Outfitters


Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Buyer's Guide.

Pink Panthers. Boycott These Anti Gay Companies.

The Blaze. Is Chick-Fil-A Really Anti-Gay?

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  • Ganjed 7/14/2014Delete

    Discrimination is wrong. Why do you people worry about gay sex so much. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom isn't my business, right? You haters are despicable, you think you can discriminate justly because of your fairy-tale religion.Report Abuse

  • Shon 4/1/2014

    Thanks for letting me know which companies I should support. No one has the "right" to commit sex crimes such as rape, incest, homosexuality, necrophilia and #$%$, etc...Report Abuse

  • Gene 6/18/2013

    Thanks for the list! I'll be sure keep these in mind and use their products and services whenever possible and applicable. Will also send a note thanking them for standing firm against social depravity.Report Abuse

  • Joe F 2/26/2013

    With this list i can now go to all these companies and help them support anti-gay! Sad that more and more people are condemning them selves to hell. such a waste.Report Abuse

  • Chuck Chuck 10/19/2012

    I did work for astoria pointe* drug detoxs center* astoria oregon* as soon as thy find out your gay or lesbian .. thy will fire you or thy will make your life a living hell (i resigned)
    Thy will ask you to do a drug test and take it to another room and tell you that you failed the test and tell every one (staff and clints) that you failed the drug test .
    thy will call you in the office for a meeting with the ceo-larry, cfo-milt and manger -becca (we dont hire gay people here)
    ** thy still refuse pay me for my last week i worked there)Report Abuse

  • Suzanne 8/5/2012

    The justification for Domino's references Tom Monaghan and Dave Brandon; both have nothing to do with the company in any ownership or management role.Report Abuse

  • Pfrigard 8/5/2012

    Emma, none of the companies you say are "not" anti-gay. There should be NO negative points on the guidelines. ONLY pluses.Report Abuse

  • Pfrigard 8/5/2012

    Emma Murdoch: You apparently didn't actually check the guidelines of the Human Rights Campaign and their point system. With 100 being the highest, all of the companies YOU listed were around 60. Look those up again, focusing not on the "+" but the "-". Then, you'll see what each company is NOT doing that makes them anti-gay rights.Report Abuse

  • Joni 8/5/2012

    Really surprised to see Celestial Seasonings on this list. Very disappointing, to say the least.Report Abuse

  • Jireh Inc 8/4/2012

    Well I know who to support now.

    Now tolerate that if you are about peace and tolerance. It's my money, don't judge me where I choose to spend it.Report Abuse

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