CPO Increased World Rates

CPO Price Rise in Some Regions

Crude palm oil prices (CPO) of the world is estimated at around U.S. $ 500 to U.S. $ 600 per ton in the next year, down compared to this year's average of U.S. $ 600-US $ 700 per ton. "This is a difficult time for me to estimate the price of CPO next year," said Chairman of the Association of Daily palm oil Indonesia (GAPKI) Derom Bangun Conference in Indonesia and palm oil Price Review 2009 in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Thursday (4 / 12). Nevertheless, he said that CPO prices next year will be around U.S. $ 500-US $ 600 per ton. This is based on the CPO price trend in the last few months, so come down on 28 November 2008 CPO prices touching U.S. $ 505 per ton. But in May-April 2008 CPO prices had touched U.S. $ 1300 per ton, which is then slowly come down so that prices in August reached about U.S. $ 800 per ton. "Predicted for U.S. $ 500 to U.S. $ 600 per ton is a safe number for me. Because even if the price above U.S. $ 600 per ton is usually people do not complain, because the price is higher," he said. Derom worry is the decline in the price cycle 6-7 yearly. He was not sure whether the price of CPO will be returning to a normal level or go down the next year because the economic situation of the world after the financial crisis difficult to predict. CPO prices on the national late November 2008, after the government issued a mandatory requirement or mixing fuel vegetable (BBN) with improved fuel cendrung. World price of CPO (Rotterdam) on 25 November and then reached out to U.S. $ 489 per ton and on 28 November increased to U.S. $ 505 per ton. Similar conditions also occur in the country. On 25 November the price of CPO (FOB) Belawan / Dumai Rp5.329 per kilogram on 28 November and reach Rp5.915 per kilogram.

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