Creative Ways to Use Up Condiments Before a Move

Condiments such as ketchup, mustard and salad dressing bring food to life by adding spice, heat, texture and taste to food. But when you are getting ready to move and you still have a fridge full of condiments, what should you do? Throwing them away is a waste of money and resources. How can you use up condiments just before a move?

Inventory the Condiments

Condiments can easily build up in the fridge, sometimes with multiple bottles and jars of the same items. By the time you are getting ready to downsize and clear out the cupboards and fridge/freezer for your upcoming move, you may be surprised to learn what you still have left.

Take out a notebook and pen and write a list of everything you have left until the condiments resemble a shopping list. Next, highlight condiments that you like to use the most, such as ketchup and hot sauce, before moving on to the next stage.

Build Meals Around the Condiments

Living on takeaways can be tempting when you are in the process of moving. However, you probably have a lot more food stocked away in your pantry than you think. Once you know what you have on hand, build meals around the condiments. For example, if you have some honey and half a jar of spicy mustard left, combine the two and make honey-mustard chicken for dinner, along with mixed vegetables and rice pilaf.

Or if you still have vinegar left, use it to make Filipino-style adobo, a meal which includes meat and vegetables stewed in vinegar, oil and soy sauce. Mayonnaise and vinegar are great additions for deviled eggs, egg mayonnaise sandwiches and much more, while ketchup can help enhance the taste of pasta sauces and dips.

Host a Food and Services Swap with Family and Friends

It is a shame to toss out perfectly good condiments that are still usable just because you are getting ready to move. Rather than simply throwing away condiments, get together with family and friends and host a food and services swap. This is a good way to get rid of condiments, but to also receive something in return, such as last minute babysitting services from great-aunt Hilda, a storybook from your best friend or help with cleaning before you vacate your home.

Invite your guests round for snacks and drinks and encourage them to bring along one item (or service) that they are willing to part with. This is a fun way to get together with loved ones and can prove mutually beneficial, as you swap food and services.

Using up condiments just before a move can help you save money and precious resources. It makes economic sense to make do with what you have before you buy takeaways or fill the local landfill with unnecessary waste.

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