Deciding Between a Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

When I was young, my family embarked on a Christmas tree hunt. The weekend right after Thanksgiving, my family would pack into the truck and go hunting. We did not want just any Christmas tree; we were determined to get the biggest and baddest tree out there. You see, we would drive to a local tree farm and walk through the rows searching for just the right one. We would narrow our choices to a few trees and then settle on the 'perfect' one. Usually, we chose a tree that was more full than tall. It is funny because upon reflection, I had to do all the work such as sawing the tree down, dragging it to the truck, and securing it properly. Once the tree came home and put into place with the first lighting, the pine needle smell would fill the house and the Christmas season began.

Advantages of Real: The smell, the tradition of getting it, you have a real Christmas tree.

Drawback of Real: Watering it daily, spreading a skirt to catch the needles, disposing of it, and paying for a new one each year.

Upon marriage and settling down, my wife and I started a new Christmas tree tradition. We decided that we would purchase a fake tree for the convenience of it. We reasoned that it will be cheaper in the long run, do not have to clean up needles and water daily, and we had extra room to store it.

Advantages of a Fake: Cheaper in the long run, does not drop needles, reusable, do not have to water daily, and can store in a large to medium box, may come with lights, and relatively easy to disassemble.

Drawback of Fake: Have to store it somewhere, does not have the authentic pine needle smell, higher up front cost, have to go get it and drag a large and cumbersome tree inside.

Making the decision for a Christmas tree can be difficult; however, chose the best one that fits your family's personality. The tree does not make Christmas…Christmas makes the tree.

Published by Geoffrey Boltach

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