Defiance Starts Its Closed Beta- Join the Fight

Trion and Syfy has started Defiance closed beta test and they are looking for players to help test the game. If you don't know what Defiance is check out my Defiance preview for more information.

The site is now giving out Ark hunter points for rewards and special upgrades for characters, and they have also launched their fake company website "Von Bach Industries" which tells more about the technology found in the Defiance universe. The Defiance official website has also released a new live action trailer showing more about the new world and Ark hunters, which I thought was pretty cool. I'm just hoping that the show will have that same type of quality to keep fans interested. The new show is scheduled to launch on Monday April 15, and the game is set to go live a few weeks before the show airs. Based on the official website the launch price to pre-order the game is about $60 USD and close to $100 for the deluxe bundle pack. The price is a bit steep to me, but maybe the game will be worth it.

Since the closed beta is free if you want to play the game and see what it is like now is the chance to try it out. You can check out the official website as well as Von Bach industries website on the right side of this article. Most Massive multiplayer online games have a first and second closed beta test, and then they move on to the open beta test, so if you miss out on one you still have time to sign up to try one of the later betas. I'm not sure how long the test will go on before they start charging to play so, the sooner you join the better.

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