Elton John as American Idol Judge Becomes Strong Rumor

Elton John Could Be a Good Replacement for Simon Cowell as American Idol Judge

American Idol judge Elton John. The title does indeed have a nice ring to it. Elton John could be the next American Idol judge if rumors are to be believed, and a little idea that TMZ suggested is starting to gain traction around the Internet. According to TMZ, it could also be gaining traction on this season of American Idol as the idea has been discussed on the set. This is not close at all to being a done deal as far as we know, but the idea of Elton John as a judge on American Idol might actually be a way to not miss a beat when Simon Cowell quits American Idol at the end of season nine. It certainly wouldn't be the same as having Simon Cowell around for another season, but it could be a good solution.

When it comes to the music business, there aren't many people that know more about it than Simon Cowell, but Elton John may be one of those that really do. Elton John has been in the music business since the 1970's, churning out hit after hit, and working with some of best song writers out there. He has been all around the industry, knows what it takes to spot a hit song, and certainly has an eye for talent when it comes to singers. It has yet to be determined if he could be the personality that Simon Cowell is on screen all of the time, but he does bring the British flair that the show would be looking for in a replacement for Cowell.

Now this could be one of those rumors that end up having absolutely no truth to it, and it could turn out that American Idol already has their idea for someone to basically take over the show. What American Idol producers will need is a figurehead for the show, so it is going to have to be a recognizable name that would be entertaining, while at the same time also is a tad controversial in how he judges the talent on the show. The show had time to "break in" Simon Cowell when it first came on the air, but heading into the 10th season (in 2011) of American Idol, producers are going to want to make sure that they don't lose Cowell's viewers. After all, wouldn't the idea of bringing Elton John on to the show also add more credibility? Guess we must wait and see.


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