Fem Cap: A Great New Birth Control Option

You Don't Have to Settle for Hormone Options Unless You Want To

A new baby can bring a great deal of joy into a couple's life, but despite this fact, there are times when a woman wants to suppress her fertility. Studies conducted by ABC Health indicate that over 80% of women use some type of hormonal birth control at some time during her reproductive years. While hormonal birth control is probably more convenient than any other type of birth control, it doesn't come without side effects. Women can suffer from weight gain, depression, an increased risk of blood clots and other undesirable side effects when taking hormonal birth control, making many women unable to tolerate this type of birth control. Luckily there are other options besides hormones to suppress a woman's fertility. Deciding which type of birth control is best can be daunting for many women, but thankfully the Fem Cap was introduced recently as a new form of non-hormonal birth control.

What Is a Fem Cap?

The Fem Cap, the latest FDA approved form of non-hormonal birth control, is a non-latex device designed to fit inside the vagina and cover the cervix, which prevents sperm from entering the cervix where it could become united with an egg and result in pregnancy. The original Fem Cap was introduced in the late 80s, early 90s, but the new and improved Fem Cap is totally devoid of all the problems women had with the earlier version of this cervical cap.

How Effective Is It?

The level of effectiveness of the Fem Cap depends on whether or not the woman uses it properly. The cervical cap must be inserted prior to sexual arousal and used with spermicidal jelly in order to increase its effectiveness, instructs Fem Cap, Inc, the product's manufacturer. The product comes with an instructional video that shows women step-by-step how to use the Fem Cap. With very efficient use, the Fem Cap's effectiveness can be as much as 98%, according to Fem Cap, Inc.

Getting The Right Fit

Similar to the diaphragm in ways, the Fem Cap does not require that a women get fitted like with a diaphragm, and whether or not a woman has ever been pregnant or given birth vaginally determines the appropriate size Fem Cap. For women who have never been pregnant, even briefly, they should use the 22 mm device. Women who have been pregnant yet did not give birth should use a 26mm Fem Cap, and for women who have delivered a baby vaginally should use the 30mm size. Whenever in doubt, a woman should always use the next larger size to be safe, instructs the manufacturers of Fem Cap.

How To Get One

The Fem Cap is not currently available at pharmacies, although it will be in the future. You don't have to wait to get one, though, and you can choose one of 5 ways to get one.

. Contact your local Planned Parenthood Center.

. Go to the www.femcap.com website and locate a provider in your area.

. Contact a local clinic that is part of the Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program.

. Order your Fem Cap directly from www.femcap.com. You will need a prescription from your physician since the product is obtained by prescription only.

. Contact a naturopathic practitioner in your area.

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