Former Craigslist Call Girl Speaks Out

Shedding Light on the Lowest Rung of the Hooker Hierarchy

It is through Richard Sepulveda's article "The Hookers of Craigslist - The World's Oldest Profession Has Taken Over Cyberspace" that I feel the need to clarify some things about this profession as having been one such Craigslist Call Girl. * Please note: This article is not intended to encourage prostitution, nor is it to condemn it. I simply have had experience in this area and would like to help educate those who are interested.

If a person is into the seamier side of sex, Craigslist might be your best bet. Only slightly above streetwalkers, Craiglisters are close to the lowest rung of the hooker hierarchy.

It is generally thought that there are 4 types of prostitute. They are as follows: The Streetwalker. A woman who literally walks the streets looking for johns. The Call Girl. A higher grade of a streetwalker, finding her clients through the phone or internet, she will generally conduct her business in hotels. An In House Prostitute is prostitute who works out of massage parlors or other seemingly legal fronts. And finally, an Escort Service Prostitute. Is a woman who works for an agency, has her clients set up for her, has some security but pays an agency or house fee.

Based upon this hierarchy, Craigslist prostitutes should be considered slightly more upscale. That may be true on other sites, but not on Craigslist. Craigslist is a virtual street. It is free to post when you want and as often as you like. You don't even need a computer, just access to one.

Before a person knows what a client is looking for, or what a provider is advertising, you need to know what they are saying. Here is some helpful terminology that is frequently used by Craigslisters:

BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. A plus sized woman.

Client / John - A person who pays for sex.

Clock Watcher - A prostitute who is more interested in how much time is left than in pleasing her client. Someone who does not enjoy what she does and / or rushes.

Cups / Cups of Coffee - How many times the john is allowed to ejaculate in the time that is provided. "How many cups of coffee can I have in an hour?"

DDE - Doesn't Do Extras.

DFK - Deep French Kiss. Kissing with tongue.

Fetish / Body Worship - An obsession with an object or body part. There may be a fine line between getting aroused by a body part (who doesn't love breasts?) and not being able to get aroused without it. Common fetishes include lipstick, smoking, braids and having sex with a woman during her period.

Generous Gentleman - Someone who is willing to pay for sex.

GFE - Girl Friend Experience. When the prostitute acts more like a girlfriend. Hugs, kisses, conversation before the bedroom.

Hobbiest - Term for someone who frequents prostitutes.

Independent - A prostitute that works only for herself.

Jane - A female client.

LE / Ellie - Stands for Law Enforcement. People will often warn others when LE is about to do a sting. Or expose "Ellie" as an undercover officer.

No Blocked Calls - Self explanatory, yet many are confused as to why a prostitute would require this. Knowledge is power. A provider wants to know who is on the other end before she picks up the phone. She doesn't want to meet with someone that maybe she has already done business with and doesn't care to do it again.

Provider - Prostitute.

Roses / Reasons / Hugs / Kisses / Diamonds - Money. "I've got 200 reasons for the first girl that can get here."

TER- The Erotic Review. This is a website dedicated to giving reviews of both prostitute and john. It is a good site. The cost for a membership is about $20.00 per month, well worth it for the hobbiest who will most likely spend $100-$200 on a "date". Men can read the reviews, which include appearance (on a scale of 1-10), whether or not she is a smoker, has tattoos, what her attitude was towards the client and then a detailed description of the encounter. Did she rush you? Did she do what was discussed prior to the meeting? Did she try to upsell? Alternately, providers can post about the type of date the hobbiest was. Did he try to stay longer than the allotted time? Request things that were off limits prior to his visit? Try to lowball you on the price?

TOFTT - Took One For The Team. When a john has a session with a new or unknown prostitute that went badly.

*Other terms can be found on

I have heard over the years through several Craigslist clients that it is a rare occasion to find a "diamond in the rough". The rough is true enough. Craigslist is generally a friendly community. Until you enter the Erotic Encounters section. Almost everyone knows that's the place where you "pay to play". If it were NSA (No Strings Attached) one was looking for, they'd simply go to the Casual Encounters section.

With that in mind, people are down right rude on this site. Girls are subject to ridicule or a bad review simply because she doesn't suit that persons particular idea of what a "good provider" should look like or what services she should offer. It took me to many years to learn that just because you are being paid for it, doesn't mean men can do whatever they wanted to me. Not that the girls are without blame. There is notorious accounts of providers posting old, outdated or even stolen photos. They can quote one price, then upsell once you get there. Sometimes there is a "cash n dash" where she grabs the money and runs.

Making The Connection...

Phone versus the Internet. I preferred the internet simply because it afforded me more privacy. I was not put on the spot with odd requests, I had time to carefully word my responses and it didn't matter if someone emailed me 12 times at 3:00am. Of course, once I had established a base clientele, I gave out my phone number for spontaneous meetings. I wasn't prepared for my number to get out. Once someone finds you and likes you, they like to share their experiences, like a good piece of pie, here try this... I have not placed an ad anywhere for close to a year, I am still getting phone calls from people I have never met.

Which leads me to my next point. When I wanted to get out, there were a number of organizations that had programs specifically for prostitutes. In Minneapolis, I attended P.R.I.D.E (Prostitutes Reaching Independence with Dignity and Equality) meetings. It was a place I'd go to when I needed support, wanted to share stories or just be with someone who truly understood what it was like and how difficult it was. I found these groups (or groups like them) listed by state through

I think it's important to note that not everyone who is in the profession wants to get out. My best friend loves what she does (and who). So many people have preconceived notions about who and what a prostitute is. There is no cookie cutter conformity, merely a common denominator. Everyone is different and on some levels are all the same. I don't think that prostitution is wrong, it's just not for me anymore.

Check back for my upcoming article "Stories from the Street" where I will detail the highlights and low points of my career, what went wrong and what I learned from them. I am also open to any questions you may have or any topics you would like me to address or expanded upon. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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The National Task Force on Prostitution has estimated that 1% of the U.S. female population has worked as prostitutes at some point in their lives. This equals to roughly 50,000 - 200,000 women!