Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page Greeting Cards

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for sending greeting cards. It's a season to let people know you appreciate them. Here are free printable color your own Thanksgiving greeting cards. Children can enjoying coloring and giving to friends and loved ones.

Fisher-Price (click here) has been making childrens' and babies toys for 80 years. Visit Fisher-Price for free printable coloring pages and greeting cards featuring children, animals and graphics styled after the Fisher-Price Little People line of toys and books. Fisher-Price has 10 free printable coloring page Thanksgiving greeting cards to print and share. Scroll through the Thanksgiving link here

Free printable Thanksgiving greeting cards feature one with a cornucopia of harvest fruits and vegetables to color. Other Thanksgiving card coloring pages include a cute family of pilgrims, Indians, turkey, family at Thanksgiving dinner and family hugging each other. There are four free printable color your own Thanksgiving cards that say 'I'm Thankful for You'. They show cute kittens hugging.

Print, color and deliver these free printable Thanksgiving greeting cards to parents, Grandma and Grampa, shut-ins, elderly friends, teachers, day care providers and anyone else that you want to thank this holiday season. Teachers, homeschoolers and day care providers may want to print some of these Thanksgiving greeting cards and use them for a craft project in class. Preschool teachers might use these free printable Thanksgiving cards in the Art Center or Writing Center if they use a learning center based classroom. To make the coloring page into a card, simple fold on the dotted lines to make a quarter-fold greeting card.

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