Google Egypt: Ghonim Not the Only Tie to Protests

Part 1

Google Exec. Wael Ghonim went missing in Egypt. He was released and became a front-man for the movement after admitting he was behind the "We are Khaled Said" Facebook page. He later tweeted to his followers asking them "please dont create logos with my personal photos in general. Also especially if it has Google logo in it #Jan25"

That's understandable. Why drag your company into your personal affairs? Plus he took personal time off from work to attend the marches. But there is also...

The Other Google Employees

Recap: November 24, 2008 State Department briefing on concerns of the departments involvement with Howcast's Alliance of Youth Movements (AYM). December 3-5, 2008 the conference is attended by various groups including Egypt April 6 Youth. December 30, 2008 cable sent out detailing April 6 Youth detained returning from AYM. State Security "confiscated his notes for his summit presentation calling for democratic change in Egypt" and "alleged that several opposition parties and movements have accepted an unwritten plan for democratic transition by 2011."

Back to the State Department: In that November briefing was Jared Cohen and Undersecretary Glassman. Cohen is the co-founder of AYM (now named, director of Google Ideas and previously worked in the State Department. Full transcript of the briefing can be found here

The State Dept briefing shows there is concern about having this event. Citing Egypt and Turkey and the possibility of "unleashing something here that is going to come back to bite you." Adding also that "any one of these groups could suddenly decide to, you know, turn violent or something like that" and, "now youre getting involved in something here that you have zero control over".

Cohen and Glassman assured the department that they were intentionally focusing on groups that were know for having a track record of peaceful protests. So now it was up to Howcast to organize this and get it ready to go live. Howcast has five co-founders, 4 are former Google employees. Amongst them is co-founder Jason Liebman also a co-founder of AYM. (recently changed to

Liebman is also the registered contact for both companies and they are registered to the same address. A fast Whois search for Howcast compared with the Whois search for Movements reveals this.

AYM/ was spawned from Howcast by former and current Google employees. Approved for and funded by the State Department. The Egyptian dissident returned from that conference with agreements to an unwritten plan for democratic transition by 2011. Maybe this is why Wael Ghonim asked the movements not to make up pictures of him with the Google logo on it.

Click for Part Two: Howcast cleans up its site. Asks for me to remove Howcast links about AYM. Breaks the links. Screen caps and email conversations from a former Howcast Employee who now works for Training, and Burning down the house here and in Egypt, and the Glenn Beck caliphate

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