Hot Sexy Men American Women Love

Patrick Swayze, Mel Gibson, Sam Elliott, Richard Dean Anderson, Kevin Costner, and John Travolta are all hot sexy men. If there were ever a movie that starred them all it would be hard to choose the sexiest leading man in this group. These are six of the hottest sexy men in the United States in my opinion.

Patrick Swazye, here is one hot sexy man! We loved this man in Ghost, Roadhouse, and Dirty Dancing he is a fine looking man. How many of us would love to be held in his arm instead of Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing or Demi Moore in Ghost? Ghost was a romantic movie and it is one of my favorites.

Mel Gibson here is a hot sexy man with a sexy accent. He was the sexiest in Mad Max, Brave Heart, and Lethal Weapon. He is one hot sexy man who could rescue me anytime day or night. I have a thing for sexy accents, and his natural accent is so dang sexy!

Sam Elliott, now that is a long tall drink of water, his voice is unforgettable. He is extremely a hot sexy man with a moustache and a cowboy hat. Roadhouse Tombstone, Buffalo Girls are just a few of that many movies he had a role. He's been lighting up the big screen since 1968.

Richard Dean Anderson, here is a hot sexy man who played the eldest brother of seven brothers. He was married to Hannah in seven brides for seven brothers, and how many of us females wished we were Hannah? You can count me among the millions! He is confident and just looks very nice. His attitude and style in MacGyver made him a hot sexy man in my mind, and in the minds of thousands of women around the United States.

Kevin Costner is very hot sexy man and I like many women around the United States find him sexy. He has beautiful eyes and a nice smile. He was hot in Water World, though a bit crass, but that was how his part was written. He was hot and sexy in Dances with Wolves and of course the Post Man.

John Travolta is also a hot sexy man, wrapped up in a cool dark exterior. He was sexy in the wings when he played Michael; he was also quite sexy dancing around in Saturday night Live. We cannot forget how cute he looked in Look who is talking with those dimples.

I have written my list to Santa for years now asking that he put these six hot sexy men under my tree but they are never there. Whom would you want under your Christmas tree or in your bed if it were only occupied by yourself?

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