How to Bleach Your Dark Hair Blond

Even Brunettes or Black-haired People Can Go Blond!

I have always wanted to dye my hair a funky color. Ever since I was 14, I've had this idea that having green (or pink or orange or blue or purple) hair would be "really cool." Now, a little less than ten years later, I'm in a "professional" career and have sort of outgrown that phase. However, when I saw punk-rocker Jade from music band A.F.I., I thought to myself - "I want that hair style!"

Jade, who's face has been splashed across numerous music magazines and publications such as Alternative Press (AP) Magazine, has black hair. The difference is that his front locks are bleached blond. Black and blond hair. It's slightly conservative, at least when compared to those goth kids at the mall with pink dreadlocks, but it's also edgy.

The problem is that I have black hair. Black hair, due to the way your pigment is entrenched in your hair follicles, is notoriously hard to dye. You can't just go to the supermarket and buy a box of platinum blonde hair dye, rub it in your hair, and expect your hair to come out platinum blonde.

After several experiments, I've figured out the perfect way to dye your hair blond. Rather than making you go through it yourself and do it wrong a couple of times before getting it right, I've decided to share with you some of the things I learned on getting your dark hair perfectly blonde.

How to Dye Your Hair Blond

If your hair is brown or black, you cannot just go to the store and buy blond dye. If you do this - especially if you have black hair or dark brown hair - your hair will come out orange. Trust me, that is ugly and not stylish at all!

The first thing you want to do is buy hair bleach and peroxide. Hair peroxide comes in several concentrations, from 20% to 60%. I would get 40%; it is strong without being too caustic. You will also need to buy hair bleach, which comes in powder form. I would recommend Jerome Russel's hair products for both the bleach and the peroxide. The bleach from this company is made up of heavier granules, which means they won't puff up into the air and get all over like other brands.

Unlike hair dye, bleach and peroxide are cheap. A package of bleach and a bottle of hair peroxide will cost you a grand total of about $4 USD.

You will also need to buy a brush to apply the bleach and peroxide. You must use plastic utensils! Never, EVER use metal tools. You can buy a hair dye application brush for about $3 USD. You might also want to buy gloves, but that is up to you. I have applied my hair bleach with gloves, and I have also done it without any gloves on. However, to err on the safe side I would advise getting gloves.

Put on old clothes that you don't mind getting bleach on. You can have a friend help you if you are doing the back of your head, but for my purposes I was just bleaching the front of my hair. If that is what you are doing, all you need is a mirror.

Have your friend, or yourself, part your hair into chunks. Unless you are planning on bleaching your entire head, this keeps your unbleached sections away from the sections you are going to bleach.

Once you know what parts of your head you are dying, and you've prepared your hair into sections, mix the bleach with the peroxide. You will want to mix equal parts bleach powder with equal parts hair peroxide. Use your plastic brush and mix it thoroughly until there are no more granules or chunks and it is a fine mixture.

Once it is mixed, apply the bleach mixture to your hair using your plastic brush. Apply at the tips first and move up to your roots. Warmth and heat speed up the bleaching process. If you apply the bleach to your hair roots first, the warmth from your scalp will make them bleach faster than your hair tips, making for an uneven look.

After you've coated the hair you wanted bleached with bleach, wait. And wait. And wait! Keep an eye on the mirror and the clock. Never leave the bleach in your hair for longer than an hour. When it is the right color of blond that you want, jump in the shower and wash it off. If you leave the bleach in your hair for longer than an hour, you will destroy your head. What you want to do is leave it in for the least amount possible.

I have dark, Asian-ish hair. However, it took only 14 minutes for my hair to become a very light, golden blond. Your hair might take longer or shorter, but always watch it in the mirror or else you will have white, severely-damaged hair.

Caring for your Bleached Hair

Congratulations, your hair is now blonde! And not that orange blonde, but real blonde! Wash it out in warm water, being careful not to get any of it in your eyes. Once your hair is completely clean, coat it in heavy conditioner and let it soak for 5-10 minutes, then rinse it out again. Use high-quality conditioner in your hair every day to help replenish all the moisture and nutrients you just stripped from your head. I would also recommend buying a hair mask product and using that once a week.

How to Make Your Hair Even More Intense

I have very dark, brown hair that is borderline black. However, I wanted a very stark contrast between my blond hair and my natural hair color. After I bleached it blond, I then bought a $4 box of Nice 'N' Easy ammonia-free black hair dye (Black 10). Now, I have jet black hair with a striking lock of light blond hair.

Reactions to My Hair

I have had people I don't know walk up to me and tell me it looks very nice. I've had random people in the grocery store comment on it, and people at my job ask me how I did it. It is a success and I love how it looks. I was afraid that it would look to bold and intense, but it came out being very edgy without being weird.

Fashion at its best!

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  • To make your look more intense, after bleaching your hair dye parts of it jet black
  • Dark hair needs to be bleached, not dyed, to make it blonde
  • Use lots of conditioner and a hair mask


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  • prove it 4/22/2014

    beth, the same thing happened to me. however i got 40 cream and should have got 40 lite cream it comes in a white tall bottle at sally's. so i went back to sally and made sure i got the 40 volume that said lite cream volume for mixing with the blue powder bleach.i left it on 45 minutes, my virgin roots turned out a pale lite yellow blond, which i love, the rest of my hair which was a med brown turned out yellow and a few streaks of orange.. not sure what to do. maybe in 3 months i will use the blue powder that says bleaches it 7 times lighter and also make sure a get the light cream developer. and if it turns out to light i will have a dark beige toner with a 20 volume cream developer. i will try for 45 minutes again, i will put it in the orange and yellow orange 1st and maybe the last 15 min i will but it on my virgin n hair growing out, gray and brown mix.

  • Bethany 10/11/2013

    Yea I tried to bleach my hair today and literally NOTHING happened, I used a level 5 hair bleach with a 40 grade peroxide. It was on my hair for 15 minutes, my hair looks exactly the same as it did when I started. My hair is dark brown with natural red highlights. advice?

  • Kassie 7/3/2013

    Is this actual leach or peroxide or what..

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