How to Make Casual Encounters on Craigslist

Craigslist might seem like the last place to look for no-strings-attached sex, it is actually a veritable cornucopia of nymphomaniacs looking to bump uglies. If you're desperate, you can find some action under the "Casual Encounters" section in Craigslist. This article is intended for a heterosexual audience but it is easily applicable to people of other sexual preferences as well.

First off, don't bother answering any w4m (Women seeking men) articles on Craigslist; the ads are really:
A) Prostitutes
B) Police acting as prostitutes
C) Gay men looking to "bait and switch"
D) Men who are going to end up posting your picture of yourself and personal information on a message board for the whole world to see.
E) A front for a pornography website.

Also in the off chance it is a legitimate posting, you will be competing with at least thirty to forty other guys; the poster will be bombarded with responses. It would be a waste of your time to respond to so many postings.

Instead you should make your own posting. Now I know you're asking what woman is so desperate that she is actually looking at m4w (Men seeking Women) postings. Well maybe she doesn't really feel like creating a post or is just toying with the idea at the moment. When you make a posting, be as specific as possible in what you want in a partner. Don't say that you will take anyone with a pulse; this will indicate that you are too desperate and will turn off potential interested parties. It's better to be specific in what you want because women are competitive; this will also make whomever answers the article feel special as well. Act as arrogant and cocky as possible, this will attract potential partners and increase the amount of responses you receive. Don't forget to say something about yourself, boast about yourself as much as possible but not to the point where it seems like you're insecure, this just telegraphs low-confidence. In fact, having the woman take you out to dinner and having her pay for it is even better if you can manage to pull that off.

Setting up a free internet voicemail box with a company like PrivatePhone or AIM Phoneline will make you seem more legitimate and might help with screening out crazies. It is a good idea to mention in your ad for the potential partner to send a picture of themselves but pictures can be deceiving. You can make it clear with something like "No Fat Chicks" or "Fatties will be kicked to curb" in your posting. You need to kick down ugly woman's self-confidence so you don't have to bother screening them out. Posting a picture of yourself provided you're not in a greasy geeky t-shirt and be groomed properly, having your hair done up nice won't hurt but I wouldn't recommend posting it on Craigslist unless you don't care much about your public face.

After you get a few responses, pick the ones you like and arrange a meeting to get coffee before you end up getting freaky. The woman could end up being disfigured, missing a limb or just plain crazy. Having coffee allows you to get to know each other briefly and it is neutral territory, that way she doesn't know where you live and doesn't have the opportunity to stalk you yet and if you want to leave, you can make a swift exit. Meeting for coffee also provides a safeguard against getting mugged by some thugs. Be confident when you meet for coffee; it's attractive. Obviously you don't be creepy and scare the woman off.

Now if you have gotten this far, hopefully you've sealed the deal; If she happens to be missing teeth or even hair just try another response you've gotten. If you're not getting enough responses, maybe you need to look over your posting again and see if there is anything that could be putting people off. Lastly, always use a condom; you are having sex with random strangers. You wouldn't want to have your wiener fall off now would you?

Published by Jim Buckler

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