How to Choose a Laptop for Your Teen

The demands placed on high school students are greater now than ever before. Spiral notebooks may have cut it earlier, but now teens require laptops. Finding a laptop for a teen isn't the same as finding a laptop for a grown adult. A teen's laptop must fit special requirements in the areas of warranty, bundled software, memory/storage space, and wireless connectivity.


A teen's laptop requires some promise of technical support or warranty. While we all hope our teens are angels, in reality, a teen's laptop will take more damage than other's laptops. A teen's laptop is more likely to be mishandled in school. When looking for a laptop for your teen, make sure to find the company is reputed to have reliable phone-in support. Be aware that warranties only apply to hardware problems; the warranty does not cover virus problems in your teen's laptop from Limewire. Try to find a warranty for your teen's laptop that is one year or longer. Extended warranties are often offered, but do not purchase one for your teen's laptop. They are cash cows for retailers, who will avoid following through on the warranty if at all possible. Do not get an extended warranty for your teen's laptop.

Bundled Software

The extra prices for software will disappear if a teen's laptop comes with bundled software. Windows Vista is the new standard operating system as Windows XP is gradually being phased out. Look for an office suite when searching for a teen's laptop. Microsoft Office is the industry standard. However, an office suite probably will not be offered in the possible laptops for your teen. In this case, consider installing OpenOffice on your teen's laptop. OpenOffice provides all the functionalites of Microsoft Office for free.

Memory/Storage Space

A teen's laptop will require adequate memory/storage space. For a teen's laptop, 512 MB of RAM (memory) is adequate. This will suffice for all necessary programs. For storage space, sixty gigabytes (storage space) will suffice for storage of all school files on your teen's laptop for many years. However, being realistic, your teen will not use the laptop exclusively for school. If the teen's laptop is going to be used for gaming, a minimum of 1 GB of RAM will be needed, and possibly more than 2 GB. Also, if your teen's laptop is going to be used for the storage of videos or music, your teen's laptop will run out of space quickly with 60 GB. Somewhere from 120 GB-180 GB would be better for a teen's laptop if they are a gamer or have a collection of videos/music. Be aware that prices of your teen's laptop will rise with greater memory/storage space.

Wireless Connectivity

A teen's laptop must absolutely require WiFi. A teen will use their laptop for the Internet more than anything else: email, instant messaging, research, etc. WiFi truly Many places- schools, libraries, homes, cafes- now offer wireless connectivity. Make sure your teen's laptop is able to take advantage of this. Also look for Bluetooth in a teen's laptop. This technology is a great accessory, but not essential for your teen's laptop. However, the ability to go to a friend's house and access the Internet is crucial; make sure your teen's laptop has WiFi.

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