How to Install the Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 on Your Computer

The Aztech 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 I bought recently is finally working as it should at my home. I called the Aztech Malaysia support center & had a technician to help me install the device on my computer. The technician was very helpful & informed me step by step how to go about it. You can decide to go about it on your own because all you have to do is open your computer web browser & go to after connecting the wireless router to your modem as instructed on the Easy Start Guide. Nonetheless, being assisted by the friendly Aztech technician over the phone will see to it that your wireless router is working perfectly as advertised.

In my mind, which caused my confusion over the Aztech Wireless Router Easy Start Guide, the web browser only works when the computer is connected to the internet. Without installing & using my new wireless router, how was I supposed to go on the internet? I thought it was some kind of advanced instructions. Little did I know that going to on the web browser without being connected to the internet is part of the wireless router installation process! Hence, I waited for the next day to speak to the Aztech technician named Craven about how to install the wireless router. Below I shall include my experience of installing the Aztech Wireless Router with his help for your convenience.

Installing the Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4

• Open your web browser
• Type in as the url address on the blank space top of the browser
• You will then see a password request.

• Key in User Name: admin
• Key in Password: admin
• The IP address in the WAN section under Status page should be showing some numbers other than all zeroes or else some cables are loose between your router & modem or not switched on.
• Once done, you can key in the 10 alpha numeric password to secure your wireless home network by going to the wireless setting. Note: use the 64 bit key type for a 10 alpha numeric password, 128 bit for a 32 alpha numeric password, & 152 bit for a 72 alpha numeric password. I suggest for you to go with 64 bit because it will be easier to key-in the password into other computers in your wireless network in the future.

Thereafter, other laptops to be included in your wireless network are easy work & should be as easy as switching on the wireless & key-in the password. The range indoors using 802.11b/g Dell laptops (Dell offer the best wireless feature as compared to Compaq & IBM) are excellent within about 30m radius, maintaining the maximum speed of the 54mbps connection. It's just as fast as using an ADSL direct connection to my Tmnet Streamyx ISP!

Note* It is recommended that you use a surge protector & unplug your electronic equipment from the power socket (including phone lines) during a thunderstorm.*

I would certainly recommend the Aztech 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 for you folks who need a wireless network at home & do not want to use the pricey 802.11n compatible equipment just yet. Its only about $45 (RM 143) including courier within West Malaysia. You can try FMC technologies on 3rd floor of Ampang Point as surely they can give you a cheaper price because you do not need to pay for courier which costs RM 8. The Aztech 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 is by far among the cheapest & splendid performing Wireless Broadband Router you can find in the market!

For further help, please call the Aztech support over at Aztech Malaysia office in Kelana Jaya, Selangor Tel: 03-7804-8450 Fax: 03-7804-8457

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