How to Get Your Kids to Stop Lying; 10 Tips

A child that occasionally lies is something that every parent has to deal with. However, it can become problematic when you notice the child lying more often than normal. Most children will lie for minor reasons like to keep themselves out of trouble. There are some, though, that are chronic liars and lie for apparently no reason. These are the child liars that you need to worry about. Here are 10 tips on ow to get your kid to stop lying.

Make sure that your kids knows the difference between make believe and reality. Although lying and story telling are completely different things, all children may not understand the difference. Usually older kids understand this difference. It's the younger children you need to explain to.

Always tell the truth yourself. Although many parents don't realize it, children are very perceptive and they can tell you when you are lying to them. If there's something you don't want to discuss with your child, just tell them that they are too young to know. This may not stop the child's curiosity but it shows that you are honest.

Don't ignore the lies your child tells. Many parents think that by not talking about the lies their children tell that the problem will just go away. This is not true. Most likely the lying will get worse because your kid realizes that you aren't doing anything about it.

Do not label your kid as a liar. Although you may notice your child lying a lot, don't berate your kid by calling him a liar. This will only make your child feel bad and this can cause them to get worse. Labeling your child can cause self esteem issues and cause them to lash out in a negative way.

Avoid asking rhetorical questions. This is only giving your kids the opportunity to lie. If you feel your child is lying, you should just confront them face to face. Don't go in angry and throwing accusations because this may only make your kids keep lying.

Give your kid the benefit of the doubt. Even if you highly suspect your kid is lying, you should still hear them out. Give them a chance to speak and then you can talk. If you always accuse your kid of lying, then they may never tell you the truth because they feel that you won't believe them.

Award your kids for telling the truth. If your kid confesses to the lie, then you should be more lenient towards him. This will make your kids less afraid to tell you the truth because they see that you aren't as hard on them when they tell the truth. Most children lie because they are afraid of what the consequences will be if they just tell the truth.

Discuss with your child why they are lying. When you get your kids to admit to a lie, you need to talk about the reason they lied. Doing this will help you understand what causes your kid to lie and will help you to prevent it later. This will also help the child because they will see that you care and are trying to understand them better.

There should be consequences for lying. Although it may be hard to discipline your kid, it has to be done. Without consequences for their actions, they will not see any reason to stop lying. Having consequences also gets them ready for the real world. If they don't learn it at home then they may wind up in more trouble than they would face with you.

Make sure you have a good relationship with your kids. Having a good relationship with your kids will make them more open to tell you the truth and discuss with you about their lying habits.

These tips will help you to learn how to get your kid to stop lying. If you notice your child's lying getting worse, you may need to seek a professional and take your child to therapy. Don't give up too early though because the best therapy your child can get is right at home.

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