Interview: 'Star Wars' Author Joe Schreiber Talks Horror in 'a Galaxy Far, Far Way'

Author Joe Schreiber took the "Star Wars" universe into a whole new direction in 2009 with his novel "Death Troopers." He successfully combined George Lucas's space saga with zombies in a genre mix-up one could give the logline "'Night of the Living Dead' in a Galaxy Far, Far Away."

Schreiber's latest, "Red Harvest," just hit bookshelves in a mass market paperback form and serves as a prequel to "Death Troopers." Schreiber took some time out from his vacation to talk to me about the novel.

What do you think about "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" introducing a couple types of "zombies?" Do you think they were influenced by "Death Troopers?"

I loved it! My kids and I were sitting in a hotel room in Orlando watching that episode last week when it came on, and my 8-year-old daughter kept hiding her eyes, but my son -- who's 10 -- kept saying how cool it was, and I was right there with him. I'd certainly be flattered if "Death Troopers" had been an influence -- I have no way of knowing -- but either way, I thought Dave Filoni and "The Clone Wars" guys used it to great effect.

What's the biggest challenge writing a book that takes place in the vast world of "Star Wars" where continuity seems to somehow always present itself as a problem?

Continuity in the Expanded Universe is an issue, but I never really thought of it as a problem. Lucasfilm is set up to handle these things with remarkable efficiency, and Leland Chee, Lucasfilm's "Keeper of the Holocron," holds an astonishing amount of information in his head -- plus he's a super nice guy. There are also a few key people at Del Rey who I know I can rely on for reference and continuity information if I need it. If I take a misstep, they let me know before I get too far off course.

Are there plans for another horror Star Wars novel to follow-up "Red Harvest?" If so, what can we expect and do you have any concepts you would like to explore?

Not to sound like a Magic Eightball, but the future on that is unclear. I'd certainly welcome the chance to jump back in the ring. It would be a lot of fun to do more in the "Star Wars" universe. Stay tuned.

Talk to us about what you're working on presently.

I've got a young-adult thriller coming out this fall called "Perry's Killer Playlist" about a high school kid who runs afoul of a female Lithuanian assassin when his rock band is on their European tour. It's a sequel to "Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick," which came out last fall.

I've also got a goofy middle grade book called "Lenny Cyrus, School Virus" coming out in spring of 2013 about a middle school genius who shrinks himself down so he can travel through the body of a girl he's got a crush on. He thinks that he can change her mind about him from the inside. It's kind of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," except set inside the human body.

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