Just Say No to the Fanny Pack: Fashionable Hands-Free Purse Options

Although I love to travel, hike and take day trips to a variety of kid-centered location, I can not, will not, resort to wearing a sad fanny pack. In my opinion fanny packs are to purses, as the Snuggie is to lingerie. Fashion trends are a result of designer influence, indie and street looks, TV and movie trends, marketing executives and a lot of wishful thinking. While rare, this volatile combination sometimes includes an actual consumer need. The following two bags are fulfill a need and get two arms up from me, seeing as they are both free.

Dancing Bags

Designer Amalia Mattaor created a ingenious solution to a common problem. Her collection of Dancing Bags was created so that women can enjoy a night out without worrying about holding their handbag all night.

These are not some cheesy fanny pack remix either, Amalia Mattaor draws her inspiration from the art world and her bags are a functional and pretty accessory to any evening look. Typically, evening wear calls for a clutch or shiny pouch that has to be tucked under your arm or wrapped around your wrist when you hit the dance floor, or take in a movie or event. This bag is attached directly to your arm and shoulder, or shoulders depending on the style you choose.

Her leather bags come in seven beautifully different styles. Studs and buckles on black leather create a tough girl look, which work well with the motorcycle trend. Channel a little Lady Gaga attitude or try out an obviously Chanel-inspired bag with the signature chain strap. My favorite is the miniature handbag that appears to be slipped over your shoulder, yet it only reaches mid bicep. Not your regular handbag, nor is it your regular leather. Amalia's bags are created from fish leather. Yes that's right, fish leather such as salmon or eel skin which produce a softer product.

Waist Purse.

I am breaking my own rule here in promoting anything close to a fanny pack, but even I have to admit these ruffly bags are awful cute, as well as practical. Slip over a pair of jeans as shown, or over a skirt. Yes, this is a trendy bag I can foresee joining several wardrobe combos. Technically, it is in fact a fanny pack, but so well done that it is becomes a part of the outfit rather than standing out like a sore thumb.

Made from canvas and lined in black micro fiber, meaning easily washable, these bags are well-constructed and holds all the important stuff while out on the town, or chasing after toddlers at a playground. I love that it actually amps up an outfit, like a peplum. The ruffles can be worn to the side or back, or slipped to cover one side of the front. Love the adjustable strap, and the bright orange option. It also currently comes in black, red, plaid and fun animal prints. The only minor complaint I have is the plastic clasp, but I suppose it is a necessary evil.

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  • Me2 1/30/2014

    You have your choice and I have mine. I personally think the fanny pack is better than sliced bread. Fanny packs keep you hands free and I read somewhere that carrying heavy purses all of the time can wreak havoc on your back and shoulders. What would you suggest? Luggage carriers to pull behind you? Get real.