Life Force: Good and Bad Energy #1, CSE

Energy is often seen to have duality. It can be a good energy or a bad energy. Here is the first from four series of theory that describing the difference betwen good and bad energy.

Cavernous Structures Effect (CSE)
CSE is introduced by Russian scientist Viktor Grebenikov. He is an entomologist. He devote most of his life observing bug. He notice that bug hive structure can emit different kind of radiation. This radiation can not be detected with any measurement tool and yet he can feel it with his hand or body.

Viktor Grebenikov give distinction to good and bad energy based from energy emitted by specific geometry. He notice that a honey bee hive radiate good energy, while wasp hive radiate bad energy. No matter what the material is, hexagonal construction will give good energy, while a tubular construction will give bad energy. Here is some quote from Keelynet translation of Viktor Grebenikov book, My World:
"I was about to pick something up and moved my hand over these porous fragments. A miracle happened, I suddenly felt warmth emanating from them. I touched the lumps with my hand-they were cold, but above them I felt a clear thermal sensation.

Besides, in my fingers I felt some hitherto unknown jerks, some sort of "tick" as it were. And when I pushed the bowl with the nests to the end of the desk and leaned over it, I felt the same sensation as on the lake-my head was getting lighter and bigger, the body was falling down, the eyes saw rapid flashes, and the mouth tasted an electric battery. I was feeling slightly nauseous...
the instruments-either thermometers, or ultrasound detectors, magnetometers and electrometers-did not respond to them in the slightest. We conducted a precise chemical analysis of the clay-nothing special. The radiometer was also silent... But ordinary human hands, and not just mine, distinctly felt either warmth or a cold draft and a tingle, or sometimes a thicker, stickier environment. Some people's hands got heavier, others felt theirs were pushed up; some people's fingers and arm muscles got numb, they felt giddy and had profuse salivation.
Based on the structure of bee nests, I created a few dozen artificial honey combs of plastic, paper, metal, and wood. It turned out that the cause of all those unusual sensations was not a biological field, but the size, shape, number, and the arrangement of caverns formed by any solid objects.
It turned out that the CSE, like gravitation, could not be shielded-it affected living organisms through walls, thick metal, and other screens. It turned out that if a porous object were moved to another spot, the human would feel the CSE not immediately but in a few seconds or minutes, while the old spot would retain a "trace", or as I called it, a "phantom" perceivable by the hand for hours, and sometimes for months thereafter.
The same museum displays an always-active honeycomb painkiller. It is a chair with an overhead cap that has a few empty, but intact combs of the honeybee ("dry" honey combs, in the beekeeper vocab) in it. Anyone who sits in this chair will after a few minutes almost certainly feel something (please write to me what exactly you feel, I'll be grateful), while those with a headache will in just a few minutes say goodbye to the pain-at least for a few hours. My pain killers are successfully used in many parts of the country I made no secret of my discovery.
Walls of the wasp honeycomb are much thinner than those of bees, the cell size and pattern are also different, as is the outer shell, also made of multi-layered, loosely wrapped paper. I had reports of a highly unpleasant effect of a few wasp nests in an attic. And besides, most multi-cell devices and objects that will manifest CSE in the first few minutes have a far from beneficial effect on humans. Honeybee combs are a rare exception."

Viktor Grebenikov is more famous with his flying platform. A board with special geometry on the bottom, mimicking special bug underwing, that allow him to fly faster than sound without noise.

Viktor Grebenikov at KeelyNet

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