Mabinogi II Arena: The Not so Fantasy Life?

Nexon has officially announced Mabinogi 2 and is now calling it "Mabinogi 2 Arena". They have released several trailers for the game showing mostly combat sequences and animation test. You can watch a HD version of the video that was recorded by Steparu here: Mabinogi 2 Trailer.

The game looks pretty cool, but in my opinion it wasn't exactly what I was hoping to see. The original Mabinogi online- or perhaps I should say the "Classic" Mabinogi (Is that why they are now calling it classic to avoid confusion?) was more strategic with the battles and was more about adventuring in a large open world and using life skills to make money as well as boost your stats.

The new trailer for Mabinogi 2 didn't show any of the fantasy life aspects of the game which makes me wonder if it is even there. The name "Arena" doesn't bother me too much because that could be the name of the first chapter in the story, for example when Mabinogi was first released it was called "The Advent of Morrighan". Arena does sound more like a death match survival type of thing, but we'll see.

The only reason I am leaning towards it being more of a dungeon grinder styled game is because that was exactly what they showed us in the first trailer. They didn't show us any vast green fields, no crafting, no cities, no shops, only dungeon grinding.

I remember the very first trailer for the original Mabinogi showed the city, landscapes, life skills, and combat. The original game trailer hooked me right away once I saw what it had to offer. It was a complete video that gave you a good idea with what you could do with the game, and I didn't get that same feeling with Mabinogi 2 Arena. I was a bit disappointed because it looked exactly like Vindictus to me, which I always thought was a hold off game to keep fans happy until the real Mabinogi came out. I will continue to keep a close eye on Mabinogi 2 though because I am really hoping that there is more to this game other than just jiggly body parts and fighting large monsters in close quarters.

I mean don't we already have Vindictus and Monster Hunter for that?

Share your thoughts and tell us what you think.

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  • Ashton Usher 8/27/2013

    Those two words are enough to describe exactly how I feel. :/

  • 翔闪 7/8/2013

    Massive disappointment.

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