Mike Tyson Fat While Kim Kardashian is Showing Some Skin on Her 2009 Calendar

Mike Tyson is fat while Kim Kardashian is revealing some skin on her 2009 calendar. The man that was known as Iron Mike who could literally chew off a person's ear is now fat. Yes, Mike Tyson has put on some serious weight since those days, but really what does weight gain have to do with how a person is? What just because Mike Tyson gained some weight it makes him a loser or a hippo like some people are calling him after seeing a picture of him at the video games award in California. Ok nobody ever though Mike Tyson (the bad ass) would ever become big and jiggley and not solid as a rock like he use to be, but our bodies change through out the years we are not going to stay the same forever are we? Maybe Mike Tyson should have worn a Black dress shirt and Black dress paints to hide some of the bulge, but the man doesn't know fashion he only knows fighting so to speak. He was a great fighter in his days.

Other famous people has gained weight like Oprah, Star Jones bounces up and down with her weight, Tyra Banks, and even Britney's ex-husband Kevin has put on a few pounds so what they got the money if they want to take care of their weight they will and if not so be it. Nothing wrong with being big.

Kim Kardashian Releases her 2009 Calendar

It must be one of the hottest trends right now for celebrities to make a calendar. First we had Jennifer Aniston now we have Kim Kardashian. The difference between Kim's calendar and Jen's calendar is Kim is actually wearing more clothing than Jennifer Aniston. In Kim Kardashian's calendar she is posing as an angel, cowgirl, all in Red Lingerie, posing in a white skimpy outfit holding a birthday cake, in a jersey football shirt and Black fishnet stockings, and other sexy poses. The pictures of Kim Kardashian are actually very professional and tasteful looking. None of the pictures are offensive in anyway. This is great news for the guys, but where are the hot hunk calendars? I know David Beckham has a 2009 calendar coming out and also Chris Brown but you don't see them in the Google hot trends do ya? Hey women goggle just as much as men but why is it always the women the hot talk and not the half naked men who knows maybe that will change.



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