Negative Effects of Social Networking on Relationships

Social networking is a part of most people's daily life. social networking is a way of sharing information quickly. Unfortunately social networking can be a quick way to add problems in your relationship. Before you log in and begin sharing your personal life with the world, it's a good idea to talk with your partner.

Social networking can cause resentment within a relationship. Social networking can be very addictive which can cause an issue in a relationship. When a partner puts more priority on spending time on social networking sites, then the relationship it can lead to hurt feelings. Feeling of being angry, neglected, hurt and other negative feelings.

Social networking is used as a way to deal with or vent feelings. If a partner chooses to express and vent feelings through social networking, there is a danger of personal relationship issues and details being shared through social networking sites.

Social networking allows a place for personal information to be publically shared. If a couple does not agree to what is shared online about their relationship, feelings of betrayal and hurt could happen. Whiles some people have no problem sharing every detail of their life online, other people choose to have nothing online.

Social networking can easily cause jealousy within a relationship. It is important to keep in mind your relationship and have personal control over your social networking. It's impossible to control anyone but yourself. Having self control and choosing to carefully react to situations should defuse some jealousy. If the jealousy becomes out of hand, it could negatively affect the relationship to the point it has to be ended.

Excessive social networking can be a sign of internet addiction. Internet addiction is spending excessive time online searching, social networking, surfing or doing any activity online for excessive amounts of time and affecting a person's life. Social networking can lead to internet addiction, when someone is constantly updating their status, uploading pictures or checking for any updates from friends. If social networking has consumed you or your partners life to the point, it's not possible to be away from it, that's the time to get help offline.

Social networking can be a path to infidelity. Some people find it very easy to begin a conversation with another. Sometimes those conversations are innocent. For a small group of people the temptation to be unfaithful is to much. Not everyone will cross that line and cheat on a partner. Infidelity was part of life long before the internet. Unfortunately, the internet brings the possibility of being unfaithful to your finger tips.

Social networking can and will wreck a relationship. Make sure you are using social networking in a responsible and healthy manner. If social networking is any part of your relationship, be sure you've set clear rules within your relationship.

If social networking is a part of your relationship, it's a good idea to share a profile page that's about both of you. If you choose to keep separate pages, connect those pages together. This will allow the communication with anyone on social networking sites to be in the open.

If social networking is a part of your relationship, be clear about what can be known in public and what is privates. It may go without saying, however, what is appropriate to you may not be the same to your partner. It's a good idea to be clear before something is posted online and feelings are hurt.