New Method to Make Meth in Soda Bottles Makes it Easy for Anyone

This Dangerous Drug Can Now Be Easily Made in a Soda Bottle by Anyone

Just when the arrests for methamphetamine are starting to decline, in comes a new way to produce this addictive substance that requires very little effort. This new method of making meth requires just a few cold pills, soda bottle, and a few other easy to obtain chemicals. Mixed together and shaken it produces a deadly cocktail.

Meth producing use to require elaborate labs that took time to assemble and take down. It required many flammable liquids and hot boiling chemicals to cook this substance. Meth labs were being raided daily. They were messy and smelly and hard to conceal. This meth making device can be put in your back pack and carried around. It takes a few seconds to place the ingredients in a soda bottle and shake. The chemical reaction occurs and you have your instant meth. It is being called the "shake and bake" way to make meth.

Laws were put into place so you could not purchase a pill that had pseudoephedrine in it unless requesting it from behind the counter in a pharmacy. It was not prescription, but you were only allowed to buy small amounts. This new "shake and bake" method requires just a few of those pills which falls way under the radar that might draw attention from the authorities. This new method can be made in the back seat of your car.

To make this new form of the deadly drug, the pills are crushed and combined with some common household chemicals. It is then shaken in a soda bottle. No flame is required to make the meth in a soda bottle, making this a much easy recipe.

The new formula is made in smaller batches but can be as dangerous to make as the old version. If any oxygen is left in the bottle when opened after the shaking, it can blow up into a giant fireball. Just unscrewing the bottle cap too fast can set off that type of fireball explosion. Every meth recipe is dangerous for explosions, but with this recipe if you do not shake the bottle just right it can explode. If it builds up too much pressure during the shaking process an explosion is what most likely will follow.

In the older meth home labs the fires broke out on top of stoves and people did have time to run from this explosion. With this method they are holding it in their hands when it explodes leading to the possibilities of more serious injuries and even more deaths then before.

After the shaking process the chemical reaction leaves a residue whidh is the crystalline powder that people smoke, inject or snort. The left over bottles contain a hazardous sludge that is poisonous. These are just being thrown out in our regular garbage collections or littered on the streets and in the parks.

This make it yourself meth process allows the user to make a small amount, just enough for a few hits. This is a very inexpensive way to support your own meth habit, making this even more tempting for the daily user who would spend a ton of money purchasing the drug every day.

Reference:New Method Lets Drug Users Make Meth In A Soda Bottle And Avoid Anti Drug Laws, Website, Breaking News 24/7

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  • Meth use to take hours in labs to produce. Today it is minutes in a coke bottle.
  • Meth has become so easy to make that most people will make it themselves and avoid the dealers.
  • Meth can be made with a coke bottle, household chemicals, and a few cold tablets.
This new way of making meth is more dangerous because it can explode into a fire ball if it is not done right.


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  • ronda 2/24/2014

    meth GOOD

  • ronda 2/24/2014

    meth GOOD

  • ricky 2/1/2014

    can u use HEET instead of fuel? if not then how would u use it to shake a bottle?

  • Private 1/22/2014

    Need it?. Ask a meth supplier.

  • Frank Duenas 12/19/2013

    I've been seeing all of the ads on how to produce meth, and of course I watch them and wonder why does this country allows videos like this to educate future shakers and bakers? In my opinion. If you view these videos, I wouldn't doubt that each and everyone of us who has, are now on a watch list within our own community, so that way it keeps the police force employed. I live in Kentucky, and guess what? Illegals are driving around here everyday without insurance. I am tired of being an American and wish to become an illegal so that way I can claim the same right handed down by the Obama administration to the struggling new Americans.

  • Roz Zurko 11/2/2013

    I am not giving out a recipe for meth, I am reporting on how easily it has gotten to make meth. People need to know this, especially parents, as this method would leave some clues behind. I am dead against this and you couldn't make a batch of this horrible drug following anything I wrote here. I would never give a recipe for the drug, but unfortunately there are plenty online for those who want directions. Thanks for reading my article.

  • char kane 11/2/2013

    what i dont understand is...ppl that r posting comments saying 'meth kills....innocent ppl get killed' etc. dont get me wrong, im sure it does! BUT if u feel so strong about it....WHY R U ON A SITE ABOUT HOW TO MAKE METH!!!????

  • Meth 8/3/2013

    Need some?. You may ask a Meth dealer directly at: OR

  • Tosh Collier 4/19/2013

    it has nothing to do with being afraid but unfortunately u couldn't live without it. u censored your cussing LMFAO

  • Tosh Collier 4/18/2013

    meth will make u insane it ruins peoples lives u will sell all your stuff just to buy more meth when addicted

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