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Movies in Production and Novels I'd like to See as a Movie

Nicholas Sparks is such an engaging writer; it is difficult for any movie on the big screen to measure up to the quality of his written work. Nonetheless, every time a movie based on one of Spark's book is released I rush to the theater. I'm always looking for the movie to touch the same part of my heart that Nicholas Sparks' novels are able to reach.

Current movies based on Nicholas Sparks's novel

Currently, Dear John is playing. While it is not as good as the book, Channing Tatum and Amanda Sefried have onscreen chemistry. As in most of Nicholas Sparks' novels a torrid romance is followed by separation, which is exacerbated by other dramatic elements. It's a typical Sparks love story and tear jerker.

Movies coming soon based on novels by Nicholas Sparks

The next Nicholas Spark's novel to be released as a movie is The Last Song, due for March 2010 release. The movie stars Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Kelly Preston, and Liam Helmsworth. This is a real tear-jerker, so bring the tissues. A young rebel, Ronnie (Miley Cyrus), goes with her younger brother to live with her father for the summer. Again, there is a whirlwind romance, an astonishing tragedy, and Ronnie must come to terms with what is important in life.

After The Last Song is released, Nicholas Sparks' fans can anticipate a 2011 release of The Lucky One.

The Lucky One follows Nicholas Sparks' formulaic writing style. The thing about how many times you read Nicholas Sparks, his development of character and their bonds of love offers a different perspective of life and love every time. The Lucky One develops a plot around a photograph which saved a soldiers life in Iraq. Once he returns home, he does everything possible to find her.

This is a pretty good novel, and I expect this movie will be better than The Last Song.

Nicholas Sparks novel I would like to see as a movie

With two movies in the hopper and one currently playing, there will probably be a new book before another movie is planned. If, however, a production could be made from a book that is already on the shelves, I would like to see The Rescue dramatized.

The Rescue takes on a love story from the perspective a male firefighter. He would give his life to save another, but when any woman tries to get to close he pulls away. There seems to be no way out of this cycle, until he rescues a woman from a wrecked car during a storm. The novel addresses his struggle to allow someone into his heart. He is the rescuer, but learns that he needs to be rescued from himself.

I think this would make an excellent movie starring Gerard Butler and Sandra Bullock.

Nicholas Sparks's previous novel adaptations to the big screen

Not counting the two in production, 5 Sparks novels have been made into movies. Most people think The Notebook was the best. I don't think the screenplay did the book justice.

My favorite Nicholas Sparks movie is Message in a Bottle. The screenplay is very close to the book. Kevin Costner is dreamy in the star role, and I enjoy the cinematography along the ocean.

The worst ever movie based on a Sparks novel is A Walk to Remember. The screenplay, actors, and cinematography were all terrible. I wouldn't want to read the book if I had seen the movie first. Sparks fans should read the book. It is far better than the movie.

Dear John is another good adaptation, much better than A Walk to Remember. It comes in as my second favorite Sparks movie.

I was most disappointed in Nights at Rodanthe. The actors did not fit the characters in the book and the story was hacked and disjointed. I had very high expectations for this movie because the book is incredible. It wasn't terrible, but I should have waited to watch it on DVD.


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  • Dear John, based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, is currently playing.
  • The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus, is scheduled for March release.
I'd like to see The Rescue as a movie starring Gerard Butler as the stalwart fireman and Sandra Bullock as Diane.

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  • Bailey 6/1/2013

    I have read The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks at least 12 times. Literally. This book is very romantic and I know that the movie would be a huge success. I Love his books but The rescue keeps me turning the pages. Each time I Reread it, its like reading a new book. I know this book so well. I want this to be made into a movie, make it as good as the book and I garentee you will not regret make a mistake.Report Abuse