Review: The Bold Hotel, Southport, England - This Independent British Pub Serves the Best Pub Food

Our Dinner at the Bold Hotel in Southport, England was One of the Best Meals of Our Vacation

While vacationing in Southport, England last week, we were given a pub recommendation by a guest at our bed and breakfast. The Bold Hotel on the famous Lord Street in Southport, she told us, served some of the best pub meals in town and, family-owned and not yet swallowed up by a massive conglomerate, that too was right up our alley. That's why, after testing it out with drinks on their lovely patio one afternoon, my parents and I ate dinner there. If you like traditional pub food served in a warm, cozy atmosphere, you will love The Bold Hotel. Just be warned, so does most of Southport.

Location of The Bold Hotel - Right on Southport's main street, famous the world over and visited by several million people every year, The Bold Hotel is at 583 Lord Street, surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants. It's front patio, separated by a green wall and hedge from the street, overlooks Lord Street with a great view of all the crowds passing by.

The Atmosphere - When you walk through the front door of The Bold Hotel, you immediately find yourself in the main pub bar area. Seemingly packed from the minute they open till when they close, it's loud, cozy and, with the friendly bar staff, a nice place to be. Our only complaint is it was excessively warm, both times we ventured in and, even when eating dinner, we still found it a tad too hot for our taste. The Brits however didn't seem to even notice it and, at least, it wasn't as bitter cold as it was outside.

The Food at The Bold Hotel - Unlike many other pubs in Southport, The Bold Hotel has a stunning choice of food. You can eat in the main pub area and order from their menu or enormous chalkboard menu with all the specials, on the wall to the right of the bar. Or, you can pay a flat fee for their daily carvery, with roast beef, pork, chicken, roast potatoes, lots of vegetables and more. Finally, don't miss the sit-down restaurant to the right of the main front door. This is where The Bold holds special events and offers a superb a la carte menu.

My parents and I chose to eat in the pub/bar area, as we liked the camaraderie and typically British feel of it all, although it was quite loud so isn't for everyone's taste. The menu was large, with several daily specials, so it took us a few minutes to decide. My parents eventually both plumped on the Fish Bake served with mixed fresh vegetables, and I had an order of Scampi and Chips (shrimp in batter with french fries and mushy peas). We also ordered an appetizer of cheesy garlic bread.

The appetizer and entrees arrived quickly and all were perfect. Unlike at the pub, The Sir Henry Segrave, where we'd eaten the night before, the cheesy garlic bread at The Bold Hotel actually looked and tasted like garlic bread and was loaded with cheese and butter. My order of scampi was the best I'd eaten in Southport and, by this point, it was the fourth one I'd eaten in as many days. My parents, initially surprised when the 'Fish Bake' arrived (they thought it would be baked fish and not fresh salmon in a cheesy sauce with a topping of cheesy mashed potatoes and all served in a pie dish), were soon won over by its flavorful taste, cheese potatoes and blanched fresh vegetables.

Drinks too were good and, price-wise, The Bold was on a par with every other Southport pub we'd eaten in. 28 pounds ($44.20) for an appetizer, three entrees, two pints of lager and a large glass of red wine. Inexpensive for the quality of food and friendly service.

Accommodation at The Bold Hotel - Not just a pub, bar and restaurant, The Bold Hotel also offers 23 hotel rooms of various sizes and with all the modern amenities. Room rates, beginning at only 30 pounds ($48) are inexpensive too, considering the location right on Southport's main street.

If, like me, you enjoy a traditional British pub meal in a friendly atmosphere, you can't go wrong with The Bold Hotel in Southport. All told, we made three different trips to the hotel during the week we were there and none of them were a disappointment.

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