Sarah Palin Should Be Proud to Be Played by Julianne Moore

News recently broke that Julianne Moore has been cast as Sarah Palin in an upcoming HBO movie, instantly conjuring images of Tina Fey's hilarious take on the former governor of Alaska. However, the movie is based on "Game Change," a book allegedly based on factual events surrounding the 2008 election, so the vice presidential nominee will likely be portrayed in a more realistic light.

The ultra-conservative Palin might not be particularly thrilled about the choice of actress to play her, considering that one of Julianne Moore's latest movie roles has her doing nude scenes and playing one half of a lesbian couple with children. However, the "Kids Are All Right" star has the acting ability and experience to do her justice, and Palin definitely should be flattered that one of the best-looking older actresses in Hollywood was chosen to play her.

But aside from looks and talent, there's another reason that Palin should be excited about Moore playing her in a movie: Films focusing on female politicians are virtually nonexistent.

In fact, the only two roles that come to mind are Thandie Newton as U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice in the 2008 movie "W" and Hope Davis as Hillary Clinton in the 2010 TV movie "The Special Relationship." However, that movie took place when the current Secretary of State was First Lady, and both movies don't focus on the women all that much. Oddly enough, Julianne Moore was set to play Clinton in "The Special Relationship," but had to step out of the role due to a conflict with "The Kids Are All Right." So Palin could have been played by the same actress who played Hillary Clinton.

But even if this had been the case and even though the book the movie is based on focuses on some dark days during her VP campaign, Palin would still have no reason to be upset about the Jay Roach-directed "Game Change." After all, becoming such a successful female politician that she becomes one of the few to get a movie made about her life is indeed a real game changer for women and politics.

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