Save Money While Preparing Meals at Home

Saving money in the kitchen is always a great idea if you are having trouble making ends meet. There are several ways this can be accomplished, and its not really very hard to do once you get started.

If you are making a box of scalloped or cheesy potatoes you can make it stretch easily. Simply slice up an onion and some whole potatoes and put them in a pan, and then add the ingredients from the box on top and bake as directed. This way that one box of potatoes will stretch and feed your entire family.

Every few months or so our local grocery store will offer the large packages of chicken breasts as a buy on get one free deal. I then repackage two chicken breasts in a storage bag. You can easily divide this much boneless chicken into packages for several meals.

I never buy chicken nuggets, tenders or patties as they tend to be expensive. Instead I wait for chicken breasts to go on sale. You can slice, chop or free form chicken patties easily.

Instead of expensive cans of soup or soup mixes create your own. You simply need a meat, a starch and some vegetables. If you have chicken, create a broth, add in some frozen vegetables and add noodles or dumplings for a unique homemade soup. Got a bit of left over beef? Coat it in flour, fry it a bit until the flour is golden brown and put it in a pan of water along with chunks of whole potatoes, chopped onions, and baby carrots and you will have an awesome stew.

If your family enjoys spaghetti you can create this to me more cost effective. Purchase a can of your favorite sauce but add a few cans of tomato sauce or stewed tomatoes to it. These additions will make that expensive canned spaghetti sauce stretch further to feed your family.

Create casseroles often as a way to save money. These one pan meals are a great way to save money, time and effort. You simply need a bit of chopped meat, some vegetables, a starch and a few cans of a creamy type soup. A favorite in our house is rice, mixed with chicken pieces, mixed vegetables in cream of mushroom soup. In my daughter's home she makes a tater tot casserole with tater tots, cream of mushroom soup cheese and a few more ingredients. These casserole dishes are a great way to prepare a meal if you do not have much time.

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  • Alyce Rocco 11/9/2012

    Do not need meat to make soup. When my daughter became a vegetarian, I created what I call "Cabbage Soup". Cabbage cooks fast ~ I add onions, garlic, carrots, sometimes celery, zucchini and whatever other fresh vegetable I have on hand. I have also added a can of stewed tomatoes or various frozen vegetables. Perhaps I should call it "Surprise soup."

    I always liked split pea soup ~ but eliminated the ham bone (or whatever meat I used for flavor) ~ eliminating meat from any dish does save grocery dollars. Working mothers and fathers can invest in a crock pot ~ to make the money saving soups and stews, having a hot meal ready when they get home.

  • Linda Ann Nickerson 11/5/2012

    DIY recipes tend to be healthier, at least according to this MSG-hater. ;-)

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