Selena Gomez and Jennifer Hudson Hospitalized

Is some really bad bug spreading amongst celebrities? Selena Gomez and Jennifer Hudson have both recently been hospitalized with stomach issues.

Selena Gomez fell ill first last night after appearing to be fine on "The Tonight Show," where she happily told Jay Leno that her mother approves of her boyfriend Justin Bieber. However, Selena was hospitalized shortly after the show with symptoms including a headache and nausea.

Jennifer Hudson's hospitalization came a few hours later this morning. The "American Idol" star was scheduled to do two televised performances in the early hours of the day, starting with an appearance on "Good Morning America." Hudson made it through that performance, but when she rushed to "The Early Show" to sing on the competing morning TV show, she fell ill with abdominal pain and was unable to make it to the stage. Her pain was also bad enough that she was rushed to the hospital right away.

So what is wrong with Selena Gomez and Jennifer Hudson? Well, it's not hard to guess what kind of speculation will surround their sicknesses -- since she's been getting so serious with Justin Bieber, Selena haters might attribute her sickness to the young star being pregnant. After all, if Selena ended up knocked up, Beliebers would get to have a field day bashing her for getting pregnant at such a young age.

In Hudson's case, those skeptical of her massive weight loss will likely consider the culprit complications from secret gastric bypass or lap-band surgery (Jennifer attributes her weight loss to Weight Watchers and changing her lifestyle). Like Selena Gomez, she probably also has a lot of haters jealous of her happiness at hot new figure. Or, on a less serious note, perhaps someone at "Good Morning America" loaded her coffee with laxatives so she couldn't make it to the competing show.

However, there are a number of more likely culprits for both ladies, including the stomach flu or food poisoning. Abdominal pain and nausea are both extremely common symptoms that can signify numerous health problems, so there's really no telling what the stars are suffering from.

Whatever the case, hopefully Selena Gomez and Jennifer Hudson start feeling better before the internet speculation on their health gets out of hand.

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