Six Benefits of After-School Activities

In the age of computers and video games, participating in after-school activities is a lost art. While there's a time and a place for computer-based entertainment, activities outside of the home are important to the development of all children.

Exactly how do children benefit from after-school activities?

Physical Development

When children participate in sports and outdoor activities, they get good exercise and learn life-long habits of keeping mentally and physically fit. Combined with other life skills like learning how to eat right, will ensure that children know the basics of living a healthy lifestyle.


Many different activities can provide an outlet for creativity and problem-solving. Obvious choices are arts and crafts, music, performing arts, but other activities like sports and collecting can teach problem-solving skills. The best activities for your children are those that encourage their natural curiosity and interests.

Stress Relief

Many activities take place in a relaxing environment or promote healthy methods for dealing with stress. In an increasingly complex and pressure-oriented world, the more we are able to find positive ways to deal with stress, the better we are.


When children learn new skills and engage in social activities, they become more self-confident. Learning social skill like cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolutions in a fun and relaxed environment will help them interact appropriately with others - a skill valuable in all aspects of life from home life to the workplace.

Team Spirit and Camaraderie

Teamwork is increasingly more important in home life as well as at work. Team sports require children to work together to achieve a common goal and remove the focus from the individual to the team. These aren't the only activities that teach teamwork, though. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts teach these important skills as well as some other activities like drama and dance.

Time Management

Many activities emphasize the importance of time. Sporting events like track and swimming are often measured in seconds. Of course, participating in one or more activities can teach a child how to juggle school, homework, family life, and their after-school activities as well and learn the importance of priorities and planning.

Not only can after-school activities be fun and entertaining, but they can teach important life skills, preparing children to become responsible, well-balanced adults. Many activities continue into adulthood, providing lifelong enjoyment. Encourage your children to put down the video games and get involved.

Published by Charles Davidson

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