StarCraft 2 Matchmaking is Broken Part 3

Lopsided Matches

League placement aside, matches in StarCraft 2 are very lopsided. At the top of the loading screen it said the other team was "slightly favored" to win which is a joke considering we couldn't even leave our bases without getting owned. I checked each of our opponents' profiles after the game and they had anywhere from 300 league wins to 1,200 league wins. One has to wonder why people with this much experience are being matched up against a team who has a mere 2 league wins.

As mentioned in a previous part of this series, my friend and I are casual players who like to relax. We have played on and off for years so we're not horrible, but winning the game is not our top priority. Having fun is. Yet it seems that we are constantly matched against win-obsessed nerds who don't know what the word fun means.

What Makes For A "Fun" Game

A fun game, in my opinion, is one that entails an evenly matched battle that could go either way. You don't win too easily and you don't get utterly destroyed either. The longer a game is, the more fun it usually is. It is better to actually have to make different units and come up with a strategy to overcome the opposition. Surely it cannot be much fun to make nothing but Zerglings and then kill your opponent in the first five minutes. When you ask players who do this, they simply reply with statements like "winning is fun" or "this is a highly competitive game, play something else."

We shouldn't need to play something else. The problem is with the matchmaking system pairing us against these players to begin with! It needs to find similar players to pit us against. Don't put us in the Gold league if that league is filled with people who only care about wins. Or better yet, pair us against players in the same league as us and not leagues above us.

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