StarCraft 2 Matchmaking is Broken Part 4

Economy Wars

One big problem with StarCraft 2 online is that games always seem to come down to starving your opponent of their resources. All you have to do to win the game is prevent the other team from expanding and secure your own expansion. I've spoken with some SC2 veterans who claim this isn't true but in every single game I have ever played of SC2, that is how it ends. One side destroys the others' expansions, prevents them from expanding again, and waits them out in order to win. Once they can no longer rebuild their army, you swoop in. That isn't fun.

Big Game Hunters was one of the most popular maps in the original StarCraft online. Your base pretty much had infinite minerals and gas so it was literally impossible to use such a cowardly blockade strategy. Expanding still helped you because it increased your resource collection rate which allowed you to rebuild faster. Since you couldn't be starved of resources, however, it forced players to actually attack your base and actually defeat your army.

StarCraft 2 is full of cowards who hit your expansion then sit there. They will never attack your base unless you can't rebuild your forces because your minerals are all gone. Why is this game simply about who can mine the most minerals? Main bases should have infinite resources to force confrontation. When you kill someone who ran out of resources, you didn't actually beat them. You just out-waited them. You aren't better. You are just more patient.

Fixing What Wasn't Broke

In the end, it all comes down to Blizzard trying to fix what wasn't broken. The way people found games in the original StarCraft was fine. It allowed players to create games and filter out people they thought were too good by kicking them from the lobby. If you are going take this ability out of the hands of gamers by implementing a back-end matchmaking system, then it needs to be a lot more accurate than the one currently found in this game.

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