Superstitions, Traditions for New Years Eve and Day

Ever Wonder Why People Believe Them, What They Mean?

I don't know if its because I was raised in the south or only my family but I remember them being superstitious all my life. Raised in a small town not far from Houston, my grandmother was the first person in my family I saw practicing good luck traditions and superstitions. Many of us are familiar with one or another like throwing spilled salt over your left shoulder, or not walking under a ladder. I still do many of these things as an adult just because I was raised to do them but now I wonder why I do.

Thinking of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day made me curious since many traditions and superstitions revolve around these holidays. I still follow a lot of these partly out of habit and partly because like most right now I can use all the good fortune I can find. If you are curious too here are some interesting tidbits about all those crazy superstitions and traditions as you get ready to ring in 2010.

New Year's Eve

1.) Midnight Kiss - This tradition is meant to symbolize closeness and affection that we will have all year long as long as you kiss someone you really love and care for at the stroke of midnight.

2.) Windows And Doors - You are supposed to have every door and window open on New Year's Eve, this superstition is to let the old year and any bad fortune out. Just be sure to close them when you go to sleep you do not want to give burglars a green light to come in your home!

3.) Money - Legends say you should be sure to have money in your pocket at the stroke of midnight to ensure that you will have a prosperous New Year.

4.) Resolutions - Even though many of us do not fulfill this tradition the belief is to take a moment and contemplate the previous year and make a promise of something we can do to make our New Year better. And the superstition is based on you complete your resolution it will bring luck, love and happiness into our New Year.

5.) Fireworks and Noisemakers - Like most people I thought this was just a way to show how happy we are that a New Year has arrived. Superstition stemming from the beliefs of Chinese culture long ago is that all the noise you make will scare away any bad spirits.

New Year's Day

1.) First person to enter home - This superstition states that the first person who enters your home on New Years Day should be a man and you should invite him in, he should not have a key and let himself in. This is supposed to bring you and your home good luck in the New Year. They say your luck will be even better if he is tall and good looking, I definitely agree with this one.

2.) No dusting or sweeping - Many believe that you should not dust or sweep on New Years Day or you might sweep out your good luck for the year.

3.) Money - It is said that you should not spend any money on New Years Day, any outgoing money would symbolize your fortune going out in the New Year not and none coming to you.

4.) Clothes - For this superstition you are supposed to wear new clothing on New Years day to increase your chances of receiving more new garments in the New Year. And wearing red is also suggested since it is a happy color and symbolizes good fortune.

5.) Food - There are many food superstitions and traditions practiced on New Year's Day. One is eating cabbage, kale or spinach. They are thought to bring wealth to the eater in the New Year since the folds of these green foods resemble money. Another food superstition is eating black eyed peas or lentils they also are supposed to bring riches since they are similar in shape to coins. Many say you should avoid eating lobster since a lobster moves backwards it could result in a backslide of finances in the New Year.

Whether or not you believe in these superstitions and traditions it is interesting to know what some mean. And for me I will continue to observe many since I was raised that way and why do anything to tempt fate.

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