Ted Williams Headed to Rehab?

Ted Williams might be headed to rehab after being "arrested". So is the curtain falling so quickly on the man with the golden voice, or could Ted Williams use a stint in rehab to his advantage?

Perez Hilton currently seems to be the only media outlet reporting that Ted Williams is going to rehab and doesn't cite his source of this info (so take this news with a grain of salt), but it wouldn't be all that surprising after the news that Ted Williams was recently "arrested" following an altercation with his daughter (the right term here is probably "detained" and not "arrested", but that seems to be the term some websites are using to describe the event to make it seem more dramatic).

The Gothamist has posted some excerpts of an interview Ted Williams did with Entertainment Tonight that show web the star with a golden voice sporting some serious scratch marks on his face after the altercation with his daughter. She claims that he has started drinking again, consuming a bottle of Grey Goose vodka a night, in addition to various varieties of beer and wine.

When Ted Williams was "discovered" begging for cash on the side of the road, he claimed that he had been sober for two years. Ted Williams denied on the show that he had started drinking again, and says that his daughter attacked him because he simply told her to shut up and let him talk to her mother. She claims that it was because he called her a "fat (expletive)". Ted Williams believes that his daughter, Jemay Williams, is trying to sell him out, and that she told him she was going to try and sell the story of their fight.

No charges were filed after their altercation, but, if Perez Hilton is right about Ted Williams heading to rehab, it definitely seemed to have an impact on the direction his life is taking after his newfound fame. He has said that he doesn't feel the need to go to rehab, but perhaps if Ted Williams is already having this much trouble adjusting to life in the spotlight and dealing with family members who might abuse his fame themselves, rehab might not be a bad idea. He could escape it all awhile; gather his thoughts; and ensure that he stays sober for good.

And if he doesn't want to give up his fifteen minutes so soon, I'm sure Dr. Drew of "Celebrity Rehab" would be happy to hear from him.


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