Ten Best Liberal Political Blogs

Information on the Net is available for all sorts of folks and ways of thinking. If you are inclined to the left of the political spectrum you will find plenty of information on the Net. Blogs and Bloggers are great source of information for liberal politics. Here is a list I have compiled about the top 10 Best Liberal Blogs/Bloggers on the web. If you know some blog/blogger you believe should be here please leave its web address in the comment section of this article.

Ten best liberal political blogs/bloggers:

1. TheHuffingtonPost.com
This is perhaps the one that has to go at the top of the list of the 10 best liberal blogs and bloggers. It's address? http://thehuffingtonpost.com. This site, led by led by Arianna Huffington, is one in all for you all liberal thinkers. At TheHuffingtonPost.com you can find news, videos, and lots of bloggers who think liberal in politics. Very fast at getting great liberal politics news

2.Shakespeare's Sister (shakespearessister.blogspot.com)
This blog, has changed a little bit its name to Shakesville, and is published on blogger. Melissa McEwan is the founder and editor of this award-winning liberal political blog. It has an impressive team of bloggers and Offers serious and not so-serious liberal political commentary with a good dose of humor.

3. Dailykos.com
This is a very popular left-inclined blog. It has started by Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga. You will locate it at http://dailykos.com. It has plenty of updated excellent political news and analysis on liberal politics. It also has a lot humorous pieces and it contains a very active, very involved blog community. It is becoming more popular as times goes by.

4. TalkingPointsMemo.com
An impressive Blog with massive news coverage. You can find this liberal politics blog at http://talkingpointsmemo.com. Founded by journalist Joshua Micah Marshall, it offers a lot of news and insight on Dem politics. Unfortunately it does not allows comments from readres (Strange but true)

5. LiberalOasis.com
With a name such as Liberaloasis.com what can you expect? http://liberaloasis.com is a liberal political blog. It also has its own radio show. This blog has probably one of the most funny bloggers on the American political system. Interesting posts and comments on liberal politics are always present at liberaloasis.com.

6. Americablog (www.americablog.com)
If you want to know how bad the right is (and how good the left is) you have come to the right place at the Americablog. A great team of bloggers who are evidently on the liberal politic side of the politic spectrum offer here plenty of "evidence" on how bad the right is.

7. Liberaltopia
Another funny Blog. Liberaltopia, located at http://liberaltopia.org, offers cool things such as many George W. Bush jokes. A lot of humor on this liberal politics blog, but also serious analysis when needed especially on the latest political news.

8. Eschaton -( http://www.eschatonblog.com/)
This another great liberal political Blog, led by Duncan Black, which in known in the lefty blogosphere as Atrios. Plenty of liberal political news, videos and humor.

9. Wonkette.com
This is a funny left-wind blog. Located at http://wonkette.com. A number of well-versed bloggers give their daily insight of liberal political always with satire, humor, and coolness. A lot of different points of views always on the left side of the political agenda.

10. Firedoglake - This liberal political blog is led by Jane Hamsher. Firedoglake is very active blog and a source for left-inclined Democratic folks. Plenty of news, videos, and humor. (www.firedoglake.com)

These are the best liberal blogs and top 10 best liberal blogs I have compiled. Enjoy them!

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