Ten Funny YouTube Videos Your Toddler Will Love

Toddlers love to hear the same songs, read the same books, and play the same games over and over. Here's a collection of funny online videos with silly graphics and sillier songs that will keep your toddler bouncing and giggling.

10. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Hippo and Dog
This is a funny little video of a computer animated hippo and computer animated dog singing and dancing to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." This video title says it done by Pixar, but I can't confirm that.

9. Kitty Clips This is a great collection of the funniest cat clips from America's Funniest Home Videos, set to music. Some of the highlights are the kitty who hangs upside down from a ceiling beam and the ninja kitty who leaps out at a toddler from a bush. Moms will also love watching this online video!

8. Doggy Clips This online video is similar to number 8, but with funny dogs. If your toddler loves animals, he'll enjoy both of these a lot. Highlights include the big dog running from a small dog, the dog sliding across a trampoline, and the dog swinging from a tree branch.

7. The Guinea Pig Song Someone made a silly song about guinea pigs (if you've ever owned guinea pigs, you'll find the lyrics especially funny) and made a video of dancing, singing guinea pigs. In my opinion, it's too short!

It is also a fantastic summary of how to care for guinea pigs, so if your son or daughter has one, memorizing the song may help them remember how to care for their pet.

6. They're Taking The Hobbits to Isengard A brilliant man with time on his hands jazzed up the music from the movie "The Two Towers" and made this funny favorite of nerds everywhere. The imagery might not be very engrossing for a toddler, but the music is fun. My toddler loves bouncing up and down to this video.

5. Upside Down by Jack Johnson Folk singer Jack Johnson did the soundtrack for the movie "Curious George." This popular video includes cute clips from the movie, including George lining up the other animals from the jungle. It's a sweet song with great animation. It's also a nice treat for moms, since Jack Johnson is pretty easy on the eyes.

4. La Ragga Des Pingouins A French music group called "Pigloo" debuted in 2006 with adorable animated penguin videos, possibly to cash in on the popularity of "March of the Penguins." Regardless, the dancing cartoon penguins in this online video are matched with a cute song with cute kid voices.

3. Le Papa Pingouin This is another video by the French group Pigloo. In this video, papa pengouin fantasizes about leaving for a life of adventure. The Pigloo penguins finally find something that makes him happy where he is - they teach him to dance! Beware - This song will stay in your head all day.

2. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything The Veggie Tales characters are masters of silly songs, including "Barbara Manatee," "I Love My Lips," and "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps." This, in my opinion and that of my toddler, is the best, with a fun tune and delicious vegetables dressed up like pirates.

1. The Hamster Dance Way back in the early days of the internet, Hamster Dance was a funny little website with wiggly hamster graphics and a catchy tune. Now the Hamster Dance has it's own animated music video my toddler calls "Doo dee doh." Dancing hamsters, laughing clouds, and synchronized kangaroos - what more could you ask for?

One bit of warning - parents will inevitably become sick of these videos long before their toddlers. If you can get a bathroom break by yourself out of it, it might be worth it!

Published by Alisa Elizabeth King Terry

I am a writer, hand-crocheter, and homeschooling SAHM to three free-range children.  View profile