The Benefits of Drinking Pickle Juice

Oh Pickle Juice, Ah Pickle Juice

Yes you heard right "Ah Pickle Juice". It is becoming a favorite among sports players. It has been found to help reduce cramps in athletes, whether racing bikes or playing football, or whatever kind of sport you partake in, pickle juice is being recognized more and more as a drink that will give you more electrolytes than the more popular "ade" drinks. In fact 30 times more than PowerAde and 15 times more than Gatorade. Preventing dehydration is a major factor in any sport, and with the salt content along with the acetic acid, it has been found that pickle juice is much better than isotonic drinks that contain citric acid.

Why does it help so much? Pickle juice contains salt, calcium chloride and vinegar, in addition to flavorings (dill, bread & butter, etc). And don't forget the cucumbers which play an important part in the effects of pickle juice. So, with all these ingredients mixed together you can't go wrong.

I personally have been drinking pickle juice for many years to help settle my stomach or just when I don't feel all that great. Getting past the taste, for some, is going to be the real challenge, but there again, personally I enjoy the taste. When I buy pickles I usually buy the largest container of pickles I can find. It is more economical and you get a lot more pickle juice in the larger container, comparatively speaking.

Mom told me that when she was young, grandmother would give her vinegar and honey when she had an upset stomach, which is basically pickle juice with a sweetener. So I guess those old home remedies are better than you could imagine, and they have been around for a very long time.

You should never throw away pickle juice. There are so many uses for it. It can be used in salads, marinades and other recipes. And for you drinkers out there, it is great for hangovers, for the same reasons it is good for athletes that sweat a lot. It gives back what the body has lost or/and needs.

Sauerkraut juice is also good in many of the ways of pickle juice is, and it taste good with certain meals. It is also used in marinades for pork and other meats.

For a lot of us southerners using pickled pepper sauce on turnip greens, is a delight.

The same could be said for vinegar over cabbage and corned beef. You might even want to try pickle juice mixed in mayo for your potato salad. Even mixing pickle and pickled pepper juices with olive oil can be a different treat for salads.

There are so many uses for these juices, from marinades and sauces, to dip and soups, and don't forget to drink it occasionally. Some people even put it on some plants, but I am not going to recommend this to anyone. I would rather drink it.

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  • Pickle juice becominga farvorite among athletes, for prevention of cramps and replenishing electroly


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  • Tammy 7/23/2013

    @ Steve....Do you think your sister would share her recipe and instructions for making pickles? I'm getting tired of having the Hubs refer to my homemade pickles as "Aunt Bea" pickles!! lol I'd love to shock him with a decent pickle one day!! Thanks!!

  • bryan 4/30/2013

    Pickled tomatoes are good too.

  • michael clayton 4/21/2013

    The fermentation is what is beneficial for the stomach. The taste is what is delicious. GO PICKLE JUICE !!!

  • DON'T OPEN/SPAM 4/6/2013

    Mombear HAIL TO THE P! When I was 16 I began to experience severe IBS symptoms to the point of a couple of emergency rooms visits until I was diagnosed with IBS and allergy to milk. One of the old school doctors I was seeing at the time told me to drink pickle juice. Without question I did and still do almost 40 years later. It works better and faster than any antacid I have used. I also began to pickle anything that grows. Saves money and my summer garden produce.

  • JiM 3/26/2013

    I recall meeting a Baptist preacher from Kansas on the train from Veracruz to Merida, the Yucatan, late in the 50s, and how silly we thought he and his wife and daughter were to have packed a whole suitcase full of canned and bottled foods, "because we heard that the food down here is not to be trusted." When we bored of the passing scenery -- at the time, most of the Yucatan was nothing but sisal plants, from which sisal rope was made: it gets boring seeing it for miles and miles -- and we got to studying the preacher and family. We noticed that when they finished a jar of pickles, they drank the juice. We pooh poohed the idea, thinking it was dumb. But he told us it was good for one's constitution. I went on thinking it dumb until a few years ago when a football coach reported on TV that his entire team was drinking pickle juice during training. I thought, gee, I owe that old Kansan an apology, thinking he was a nut job for drinking pickle juice.

  • GREGORY 3/22/2013

    Hey look you cant stop eating, now they say they say salt is bad for you, but i dont think so. Do everything in moderation and you will be fine. (Like Pigs feet). (Smile)!. Thanks! G.C.

  • valentino12 2/9/2013

    I got a big pickle you can eat.

  • Steve 1/17/2013

    I just plain love to drink pickle juice especially love my sisters homemade pickles and juice .

  • digital 12/31/2012

    great chaser for tequila shots

  • Caressa 10/22/2012

    Opps, that was me, not my nearly 13 year old son...I think if he saw me post that he'd be wondering what was wrong with me! (mom of John Nelson)

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