The History of Philippine Revolts

Matrix of Philippine Revolution




Causes of Failure

First Pampanga Revolt(1585)

Pampangueño Leaders

Abuses of early encomenderos.

The plot was not carried out because a native woman who was married to a Spanish soldier happened to learn of it and warned the Spanish authorities.

Revolts Against the Tribute(1589)


Abuses of the tribute collectors

Easily suppressed by government troops.

Magalat's Revolt(1596)


Magalat and his brother incited the people of Cagayan to rise against Spain.

The death of Magalat by local assassins.

Religious Revolt of the Igorots(1601)


Attempt to Christianize the Igorots of Northern Luzon.

Captain Aranda inflicted a crushing defeat on the Igorot rebels.

Revolt of the Irrayas(1621)

Gabriel Dayag and Felix Cutabay.

Oppression by vicious Spanish officials.

Father Santo Tomas persuaded the rebels, so that the revolt was ended without a fight.

Religious Revolt of Tamblot(1621-1622)



Suppresed by Spanish.

Bankaw's Religious Revolt(1621)



Suppressed by Spanish.

Revolt of Ladia(1643)

Pedro Ladia

Ladia insitigated the people of Malolos, Bulacan, to rise in arms against Spain.

Ladia's plan was foiled by Cristobal Enriquez, who urged the people to stay loyal to Spain.

Sumoroy's Rebellion(1643)


Order of Governor Diego Fajardo to the alcaldes mayors of the Visayas to send men to Cavite to work in the shipyards.

Sumoroy's fort was assaulted by combined Spanish and Filipino troops and Sumoroy's troops were beaten.

Maniago's Revolt(1660)

Francisco Maniago

The natural love of the Pampangueños for freedom,the frequent recruitment of the men to cut timber in the mountains and the hated bandala.

Maniago succeeded in obtaining redress for his people's because his demands was granted by Governor Lara.

Malong's Rebellion(1660-1661)

Andres Malong

Spanish oppression.

Malong distributed his force to Pampanga, Cagayan, Ilocos and Pangasinan thus weaking his cause. He was persuaded into the mountans and was caught alive. He was executed, together with Vera, Pacadua, and Macasiag in 1661.

The Ilocos Revolt(January, 1661)

Pedro Almazan, Juan Magsanop, and Gaspar Cristobal.

Inspired by Malong's revolutionary propaganda, the Ilocanos rose in revolt.

Suppressed by the Spanish troops, with the help of many loyal Filipinos.

The Zambal Revolt(1681-1683)


Governor Juan de Vargas desiring to punish the warlike Zambals for their help to Malong in 1660-61 and for their depredations and ravages in Pangasinan and Ilocos, sent a strong expedition of Spaniards, Pampangueños, and Mardicas against the Zambals.

Tumalang and the Zambals were defeated. Tumalang was taken prisoner but escaped execution by becoming a Christian.

Dagohoy Rebellion(1744-1829)

Francisco Dagohoy

Dagohoy instigated the people to rise in arms because of what happened to his brother.

The Rebellion lasted for 85 years but the patriots were subdued because of the expedition led by Captain Manuel Sanz.

Rebellion of Diego Silang(1762-1763)

Diego Silang

Diego Silang requested the Spanish authorities of Vigan to abolish the hated tribute and to organize the Ilocos troops to fight the British.

The assassination of Diego Silang by Miguel Vicos, the guiding genius of the Ilocos war of independence.

Rebellion of Gabriela Silang, Ilocano Joan of Arc(1763)

Maria Josefa Gabriela

Carried out his husband's unfinished work

The defeats of Gabriela's forces and the death of Gabriela Silang.

The Palaris Revolt(1762-1765)

Juan de la Cruz Palaris

Spain's loss of prestige due to the British occupation of Manila, excessive tribute, and abuses of the alcalde-mayor and other officials.

The revolt was suppressed because of Don Manuel de Arza and 3000 loyal Ilocano soldiers.

The Cagayan Uprising(1763)

Dabo and Juan Marayac

As a result of the British invasion and the revolutionary propaganda of Silang and Palaris, the flames of rebellion spread to Cagayan.

The revolt did not last long, for Don Manuel de Arza and his loyal Filipino troops came and quelled it. The leaders were executed.

The Basi Revolt(1807)

Basi-drinking patriots

The Ilocanos of Pidding, Ilocos Norte, rose in arms in defense of their favorite basi.

On September 28, 1807, the alcalde-mayor, leading a strong force of regular troops, attacked the basi-drinking patriots at San Idelfonso. The fighting Ilocanos were defeated and their revolt was quelled.

Revolt in Defense of a Constitution(1815)

Simon Tomas

Defense of the Spanish Constitution of 1812

Rebels were defeated by the superior arms of Spain's forces.

Revolt of the Bayot Brothers(1822)

Bayot Brothers, Manuel, Jose and Joaquin.

To overthrow the government which was dominated by the peninsulares, as what Father Hidalgo and his fellow creole compatriots did in Mexico and to proclaim the independence of the Philippines under a government, with Colonel Bayot as king.

The Bayot conspiracy was leaked out.

Religious Revolt of Hermano Pule(1840-1841)

Apolinario de la Cruz better known as Hermano Pule

Struggle for religious freedom.

Hermando Pule's troops were defeated by troops led by Lt. Col. Joaquin Huet.

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