The Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics Are Good After All!

Mathematics is the tool to keep balance in our life. Mathematics is the mother science of the abstract world. Mathematics is the confusing course that causes my headaches. Theses are three different definitions of the word mathematics according to three different people. However mathematics are considered as the most important science, and its development affects the development of science in all of its kind medical, physics, biology, technology, and more. The importance of mathematics is being an essential, creative, and powerful discipline recognized globally.

First reason of studying mathematics is its importance for the development of modern science. It is believed that mathematics is the mother of modern science. The basics developed in mathematics such as equations, laws, algorithms, they are used implicitly in other sciences. For instance, the development of algorithms in mathematics will affect the future of computer science since ninety percent of the computer science theories and programming structures are based on abstract algorithms. Another example is related to the medical field where according to The Ourant Institute, New York University, "equations that describe cardiac mechanics including blood, muscle, and valve mechanics and electrophysiology are different, in both cases a realistic treatment demands the use of methods that account for anisotropy, in homogeneity, and complex geometries" which are fields in abstract mathematics. Mathematics is the science that develops explicitly other kind of science to apply its capacity for speed and precision.

The second reason of the importance of studying mathematics is its everyday use in real life by everyone. Since the early ages the basic arithmetic operations has been used by human regarding his/her origin, culture, and language. These four operations construct the elementary parts of mathematics. Cooking, for instance; is a simple task done by anybody; however, the quality of cooking is based on the amount of ingredient used; people use mathematics to weigh the quantity used through adding and subtracting using balances and units like kilogram and liter. Another good example of the use of the importance of mathematics in daily life is managing the how money grows and how to keep it from shrinking. The simple arithmetic operations are used for the calculation of the income from a savings account or the charges accumulated on a credit card; these operations could mean big payoffs over time. For thousands of years mathematics has been used daily if it is in commerce while trading or in kitchens while cooking.

Finally, mathematics is the only mutual language used by all human beings regardless of their origin, gender, religion, or culture. One plus one is still equals to two despite of what country is used in or what language is expressed with. Adding the cost of the shopping items is the same whether it is in dollars, euros, or dirham. Few are the people that can speak more than one tongue language; however, all of us possess the ability to be literate in the mutual language of math. The language of math is what connects the world because it is a tool that we can express using it the mysteries of the universe, paranormal phenomenon, or the secret of curing extreme diseases. Mathematics connects people with other cultures in order to communicate and transfer the understanding of strange phenomena.Mathematics is more than just the science of numbers taught by teachers in schools to students that could enjoy or fear. It has a significant role in the lives of individuals and society in general. Mathematical theories are used everyday either by expert in applied science like physicians or by chefs in cheap restaurants. It needs to be amplified in education to provide students with skills required to achieve higher education, career aspirations, and reaching personal fulfillment. Mathematics is important; all of it.