The Leaves of October - a Fall Poem

I Want to Dance with the Leaves of October

I love the cooler weather October brings, the bright blue sky and the colorful falling leaves. The sight of fall leaves spinning in an October breeze always makes me want to dance with them! This is a poem in celebration of autumn and the beauty of October leaves:

The Leaves of October

Oh, I want to dance with the leaves of October

That merrily twirl in the air,

To blend with the yellow, the reds, and the golds of them.

To dance in the wind without care.

And I want to run in the warm Autumn sun,

Skip under the azure blue sky,

To drift with the breeze among billowing leaves,

Rejoicing that I am alive.

So let me forget the cold chill of November

While October still is with me.

Too soon come the rains and the long, dreary winter nights,

Too quickly laid barren the trees.

Oh, I want to dance with the leaves of October

Before summer's warmth must depart.

Lord, let me lay hold of their red, brown, green, gold

And treasure their dance in my heart.

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Published by Kathryn E. Darden

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  • Anthony Hopper 10/28/2012

    Great poem!

  • Kathryn E. Darden 10/17/2012

    Thanks, everyone. I agree with those of you who have commented on how beautiful autumn is. October is a beautiful month indeed!

  • Karen Zakavec 10/17/2012

    Autumn is my favorite season of the year. October is such a beautiful, colorful month!

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