The Red Light Center: Online Virtual-Sex Gaming for Adults

Looking for some diversity in your sex life? Have you considered online relationships? The Red Light Center may just be for you.

Upon downloading and setting up an account for this 3-D, virtual-sex game, you can create an avatar. Your character can be male or female and a particular race, and can have its own hair color, eyes, tattoos height and other options. You set up your own unique name.

You can dress your avatar in several different outfits, and once this is set you are ready to go out into the community. Once you leave the starting point which is called a transporter you are off in the street with community of other online players.

There is a general chat system where you can talk to everyone in the area or vip members can send private messages. What can you do in The Red Light Center. Well for starters Sex, lots and lots of sex. There are several locations you can have sex such as The Fantasy Hotel, The Passion Pit, Lapdance at Candys, Inside the Water Caves, you can even have sex in some of the night clubs. There are even working girls you can pay virtual money for sex, or you can find a play mate and head there.

The Red Light Center isn't just about sex though, with the graphic designer in mind you can actually create your own clothing which is referred to as textures. You can become a DJ and play music in the clubs and at special parties. You can become a guide or a community protector. There is also an affiliate program where you can earn cash by inviting other members.

There is a profile section that looks similar to myspace and you can even use myspace codes. You can add your pictures, create blogs, post bulletins, find and invite new friends. This is just one way of making your RLC experience unique.

While in RLC you can drink, do drugs, dance and much much more. There are different dimensions you can go to: Straight, Anything Goes, BDSM and a Gay Dimension. Some places you can visit are Night Candys, Bordellos, The Passion Pit, The Bath House, Zabys, Fevers and more.

This isn't just a chat room it is a safe place to explore your sexuality., and the game is growing. RLC does a great job adding content and updating the game. Age verification is required, you must be 18 years of age or older.

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