Tinkerbell - an Animated Sex Kitten?

This may sound like an odd topic, and to be fair I must admit that a lot more of the animated characters that are suppose to portray animated people have come a long way from being cartoon-like if you will. Their features and attributes are more more realistic, and in some case more so than realistic, a fantasy of sorts in the eyes of some. I came to this conclusion when I was looking for some Tinkerbell decorations for my daughters room. She loves Princesses and Tinkerbell right now, which why not, what little girl does not want to be a princess or a pretty pixie that flies?

I could not help but notice that the endowments on some of this characters that little girls love to emulate are a bit distorted. I am sure in the eyes of a man, you may even be able to view some of this characters as being almost sexy. Odd that one could put sexy and cartoon in the same sentence, but in this day and age, anything goes! The princesses are blessed with long beautiful hair, big bright eyes, tiny waists, and large breasts, although they still seem to resemble some realism's in their portrayal. Tinkerbell on the other hand, she has the hourglass figure to a tea. She wears a short little green fairy dress that shows depicts her to be a woman in a Sir Mix A Lot song, you know the one "Baby Got Back". Tinkerbell fits the bill with an itty bitty waist, a rather large booty, and a rather well endowed chest, it is amazing that those thin little wingers can support her. She has the large bright blue doe eyes and the blond hair that eludes to the blondes have more fun moniker. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to sexualized this character, I think that had been done enough by the company that markets her.

I find it interesting how some revamping and some modernization of the characters of back when seem to bring new life to a character of long ago, but somehow in the transition the female characters always seem to gain a little more oompf! Who would have thought that the bit character from the Peter Pan movie would now become center stage and a main character for many young girls to idolize, with simply a bit of fairy dust and some cosmetic improvements and color enhancements, she is the new poster child for what all little girls want to be. Yet, in the transition she has come to resemble a bit of sex kitten or at list exhibits a bit of sexuality which is strange for a cartoon character that was originally intended for children. Perhaps the idea behind the upgrades is to attract a broader audience, to be appealing to more than just little girls, it is all about the marketing, and it seems to work.

It is strange to think that only a few years ago there was an uproar over Barbie and how her less than achievable measurements sent the wrong message to little girls about body image. If you look at Barbie Dolls now, you will see changes in their appearance, their hips are wider, the chest is smaller, their presentation is of a body that could be attainable by the average girl. So why is it that Barbie had to conform to a more realistic body image, where Tinkerbell and the Princesses seem to be become more and more enhanced and appear to be trying to appeal to a broader scope of people by incorporating a hint of sexuality into the mix. We seem to be sending mixed signals when we crucify Barbie and cosmetically alter Tinkerbell. Do we really want our children to think it is "sexy" to be Tinkerbell, because if she grows much more she will give Pamela Anderson a run for her money. Many more of the animated characters out there today seem to display more sexuality and they even tend to border on pushing the envelope when you listen to some of the banter that drops hints of innuendos without quite putting it all out there.

It is interesting to see the transition of animated characters and cartoon characters and how they have changed from being very simple and plain, very basic if you will, to becoming more and more adulterized with humor and with animation that is sometimes geared toward a more mature audience. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good cartoon and the merging of some adult humor with humor children can understand can make it more interesting for parents to watch animated pictures with their children, but leaving out the sexuality or the hint of sexuality may be a better idea. Mom's and Dad's should explain the birds and the bees to their children, it should not be depicted in the cartoons our children watch only to create questions at a earlier age. Our children already grow up too fast, perhaps we need to add a bit more youth to the characters our children watch, a bit more innocence.

Published by Rae Anna Blake

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